Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Friday Gorilla Google News, Abbreviated Edition.

Access up here is a not so grey area, so i had to make it quick.  Also see below for Tuesday's edition of Gorilla Google news.  Biking to work = AMAZING.  I'm doing a justice for my country, weeing us off oil, and and, I'll never have to work out agaon.  Also Documentary of the month, Fat, Sick and about to Die, so , so good.  Health is also an issue of national security and that is why it's sad the SC will strike down the mandate, health style on the indi tip 5-4, Bush wins, he did a # re shaping that high court, all's you need is love I mean a majority.

Tuesday's Gorilla (unpublished)

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Matthew Doran said...

That documentary is amazing @lexvegasbiz