Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday. A National Day of Rest.

Good morning Gorilla's, welcome. Jazz is playing, Summertime, Ella Fitz and Louey A, there is a Dunken Doughout's next to my building. Spring is sweating itself to emerge, I can smell the egg's roasting. Pajammas are in full effect. The news, and something casual, how smart it is to be productive on such a day. Or not, we'll clean, prepare for manana, I want to look at some old J. Wig footage having some quick time now that the basketball project received an injection. And Lexington high plays today at Westford. Winner goes to Salem which is now Reading for the North semi final. March madness is soon here. Time fly's. Back up your work. Tinkering with a few mediums here, we hope you've enjoyed our latest installments, gorilla google, the news. As mentioned the illustrious Summer Crush spoke yesterday at American University. We had lunch at Founding Farmers, a great name for a son of Liberty such as myself. I showed her our downtown office. It was also great to learn Magic has a downtown office in Boston that he keeps on top of the Manhattan joint. , just made me feel good. I'll never forget when he started working at Legal Seafoods, Burlington mall in high school. Commence to never waiting in line again! And we'd forever always go at the busiest times, just to walk by everyone and see that look at envy eying your trail. And we were hooked. Great gig. Magic would show up at a party after work with clam chowder and our favorite legal rolls. And thus this was a job we all could participate in the upside on. And he only ever worked there one summer but he milked almost eight years out of it. There was always one person left that still worked their for Magic's big seek week run all those years prior. I think he did it just so we would never have to wait in line at legal's, Burlington. And we here at GDD thank you Mr. Presnky. A couple lessons in life here, one life is what you make out of your oppurtuntities, 2) and never burn bridges. It's our ethos. OK, here are my Sunday jams of the week. Sunday Morning. Velvet Underground. What a great name for a group. What a sound. Their tracks that made it onto it's way of the Door's, movie score, is the hyped up, party anthem of the century. And let us not forgot, that's right fans, Sunday morning. What a track.

On the work front I called a prospect on Thursday, she opened the next day Friday on a dollar rally. With a nice spread on 400K EURO, gets the pumped for the game. Phone magic for real. After all, who in the hell is Commonwealth Foreign Exchange? We are a beast, DC office growing up quick! Thank god. Come soon March madness, in March I'll be editing the final month of March for the 06-07 team, the end. And we'll then put it together. Perhaps parlaying what should be our final editing stretch to a large degree should happen over Patriot's day, sick. What a weekend. Red paint, dear lord. Celtics are old, Jeff Greene was a killer, baseball is coming, finally I have a true national league team, the national's. Baseball in our nation's capitol just makes smart sense.

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