Monday, March 05, 2012

Perform Beautifully in Life, Hayden Synchronized Skating. Haydenette's!

Wow. They are close to cultural phenonenom, if the sport goes Olympics, it's a wrap, they would've made a signifigant contribution to the wide world of sports. And to think it all started in Lexington in 1979. My figure skating knowledge is second only to basketball and General Hospital. 

These girls can skate, and they have gotten better. The Haydenette's have won 20, yes twenty national championships, this is a UCLA type of run on the Patriot's tip with a Yankee swing. It's truly unbelievable, and to think it all started in lexington, excuse me Astori so many years back reeled.

Of course, they didn't win at first, it was a club thing, a cutting edge sport, why not wade in those waters? Charles Hayden, my grandfather Ivan and Charles brother isiah had come together to secure a state of the art skating rink, for the children of Lexington to flourish. Why not? And so it went. The Haydenett's expanded to the younger Ice mates and finally the pint sized Ice Cubes. All for the girls from Lexington, what a gift.

However it wasn't until 1988, and the Ice mate's that a Hayden Precision team won a national title, my sister's first year doing precision, she was an Ice mate, and man, she could skate.

These days, like the local Blue Sox baseball domiance in summer baseball, none of the athletes are from Lexington. The Blue Sox win city league summer titles against teams that recruit locally from their cities. Alternatively the Blue Sox recruit nationally to conquer their local city league. It's something.

In any event those late 80's and early 90's when the Haydenette's began to really seperate themselves were glorious times. Who remembers the Hot Fudge Sundaes?  I loved the girls. That's what I remember, I just wanted to be behind the curtains at ice shows with the ladies as they strapped on their tights and flashed dozens of slinky legs. They were my rockette's, my heaven of angels.  

I remember watching them on national TV every year, new Years day at Rockafella center. It made me think of Janet Jackson watching her brothers every Sat morning, their national cartoon and how happy that must've made the budding young performer.

Growing up, in my sister's room sat a copy of figure skating magazine, she along with the Haydenette's were on the cover. I remember the classic picture, i must find this of Christopher "the showman" Bowman, giving the what!! Look as keri greebie pinched his ass in the back ground. So classic. Our girls rubbed shoulders with every big name skater of that day. I remember an evening with Champions, I remember the Boston Open, their trip to Norway, Cananda, cali.

My sister was getting good, she knew the best skaters from other towns and competed as a single gal all over. It's a pretty safe bet viewing this reel that none of the former girls could skate with the present day Haydenetee's, they are flat out incerible, but my sister could whether they recruited nationally or not. She won just about every singles contest she ever entered. She would walk up to upper Hayden and down in the weight room wow the boys by the fact she could leg lift the entire rack. Throw in the high cheeck bones and it's a wrap.

Anyway, what a cool sport, pristine and crisp. So winter.  So different than competing forces in the underbelly of reckless youth. This is something to cheer about. yes, I met scott Hamilton, who remembers the Nutra Sweet chamiponship? I loved the Nutra Sweet, just for the fact alone that Scott Hamilton, above, got to do his patent back flip, sik skillz.

Happy Monday Sports! Go get em, cold calling commencing, 3-2-1, now. Big shout out to Lynn Benson, the Coach Farias of precision skating, you were great. And congratulations from an early fan and family man to the Haydenette's on yet another national championship.  And good luck to Lexington boys baskateball this Thursday at Reading, they've been gifted a cake walk to UMASS where it gets hairy quick, if they advance.  The sad part for me, in the wake of bob's unceromonious cecessation, is he was waiting for this team.  He talked about this eigth grade class at length back in 06-07.  the best class he'd ever seen which included the iconic Ronnie Lee's newphew, Chris.  Oh well, life is life, it will be interesting to see if how they fare in UMAA if they make it past 1/4 finals.   Good luck guys.



Anonymous said...

love this.

carl easton said...

yay! LOVE this comment, so happy to hear the Hot Fudge Sundaes still kicking it, yes "precision" like athletic dancing has gone bizerk in the last decade.

My sister was a Haydenette, and you ladies were always there big comp - i of course just loved the long line of slinky ladies doing a rockette kick line on ice, I always wanted to date a hot fudge Sundae in Junior High, hahaha, much love, thanks for the comment, gold