Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mix Tape Freak II. WTDB

So Max Fisher watched my Home Belmont sequence and said I was a natural editor. And I'm saying to myself watching the attached, this is another albeit rough example of my raw editing talent. Thank you Jimmy. Jimmy aka Max Fisher is our 23 year old president. It makes sense the kid is orchestrating the old men on this project.

On a brighter note I'm thinking of grabbing some of my office mates and throwing our hat into the inside sales speaking to companies racket. It's like corporate guidance counseling, I love it and therefor am a force in this realm. I love the broker game. I love people. All sides of life. Interesting, always. Except 7th grade man, I was bored as shit. My teenage love song writing in classes hit an all time high and low which incidentally was the name of my first rap group. The High and Low crew. Myself and B-Dawg. During that long seventh grade I UNLEASHED CLASSICS SUCH AS THE LITTLE KNOWN, I'm just a lonely teenage boy that needs some love and Only if you knew, which I wrote a two fingered piano ballad to accompany. There was the one word track, "love" my only hit, Keepen it Together (the famous topic of holiday ritual and ridicule) Ballen and My Love Thang. Awe inspired not only by new Edition but at the time younger bands like High Five and my favorite the boys and of course ABC, respect. These are the stories. A slam dunk fun fact I was in a boy band called $mooth Adolescents always gets a laugh in DC. This spawns questions, funny responses and an eventual quick dance jib which ultimately wins everyone over again and again. The point? Become a good dancer, vital. ********************************************************************************************************** Thursday Night freestyle, everyone loves the freestyle hard to do when you know not what, just spit and glide with the sub, woof and consioussness


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