Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Matty Langone, Legend. Friends For Matty (ORG) Stump Trivia Night, Donate !

Stump Trivia is back! We are holding our second Stump Trivia night to benefit the Friends For Matty Foundation. Light appetizers, raffles, silent auction, cash bar and more! Hope to see you all there!

You can purchase tickets here:


I'll say a couple of things about this, 1 pain to children is the worst condition bro1ught out by man's survival.  Coach Farias said "he would've been a player."  I think you can see here, at only two years of age, young Matty had some skills.  And he loved the game, loved his family, was a ray of light.  Having known little man myself he made an impact on my life.  Having spent time in Children's hospital as a kid the resonance of his loss, life and legacy is not lost on me.  And also, look at the family, our Lexington basketball hoops family.  Some great shots here, I'm glad we captured something, and beyond the importance of this thread, child cancer, the fight for a cure, posterity granted us such great footage of my first basketball family.  My roots and foundation for everything I accomplish in this life.  This life, matty I see you, we all do, thanks for your COURAGE. 

Thanks for your time, and thank's up top for a heart, the vital organ that keeps this whole crazy life going. 

I hope our video can manage even a $20 donation, we will win this fight with your help.  There are so many causes, but this organization helps families in need facing this terrible condition.  you can only imagine the costs in fighting something of this nature.  Life is perspective, it's what you give, Goldman, listening?

  This is an extended clip I've shared with the family in the past, I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together, tears heal and clean our soul from the dusty selfishness that is collected through the motions of a typical day.


Anonymous said...

donating $20 now

Matthew Doran said...

Great Video Carl!