Saturday, March 10, 2012

LHS wins! Weekly highlight's + Saygin get's married today in Old Town!

Check out this footage, Super Fans, Golden copulations in the streets of Lawrence, congratulations.  Thanks to Brownie for the shots.   

"Hand me a joint,. good music and some room to breath those that doubt Com soon will believe."  Common

I will say on the nestle, I didn't really know Ready to Die to fall of my freshmen year of college.  The previous fall, the Chronic jumped off, and everyone, it didn't matter if you had a slick game or not, it didn't matter if you liked rap or not, but everyone when they heard, Ain't nothing but a G thing baby could dig it.  After that, in May of 94, Snoop dropped Doggysytle, his first full length LP.  And then came Ready To Die, Nas, Illmatic, The Imfamous Mob Deep,  Me Against the World (Pac), JZ Reasonable Doubt and many, many more, but you get the point.  BIG along with Pac were the giants.  And it ended so quick, so long ago, so violent, both unsolved, they were the best to ever do it.  And most people are going to agree on that, if you ever did get a consensus.

And less than 8 months apart, the two of them, my #1 and, #2.  The art had become reality.  It remains, so fucking crazy.....

Happy Sat.  Here are some pic's of summer and I this past Monday, with the homey Lauren, draft house bar, love it!  They serve the movie popcorn at the bar, ah dooms.  And they have this famous mug shot on the wall.  A Tarantino type of place.  The Arlington Draft House.  Also this last one is of the Turkish Tom Cruise, picking up his tux Fri.  He asked the Korean lady measuring him if a blind lady had tailored it.  I fell off my seat.  The benevolent dictator, I'm looking forward to his speech later.   And of course to my man Saygin, it's your day my man.  I've asked Summer to film me dancing in the circle tonight, holla, I do it all for you, and a little me.  Hahahaha, learn to dance, I quote Ren Mcormick, leaping and dancing before the lord. 

   Gold bless John Stewart. Rush is so ugly, fat and old. This should leave him with only the real dirty. Great TV And finally the new club I joined this morning.

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