Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google gorilla news - I thought u were Back on Ritalin?

OK, gorilla, google news has been a popular post with what's his name.  Anyways that guy no names, Charlie, but back by popular demand and you can't get past the first headline which we talked about last time!  We appreciate the little Antione Walher swhing thing you do, but seriosuly we need Google , Gorilla News, and we need it nightly.  And Mr. Paradise we need you to go down the entire google news.  A second or minute just touch on at least 80% of the headlines during whenever you "do you thing" whatever that means.  That being said we goty a couple new sponsrs, we re-discovererd Matty Doran born again like us as a Giant doing his thing.  We like the honme grown movie about Wussification in America.

So please, pretty please with gummy bears on top (yeah I said it) , can you please run through the news and not get distracted after one story, the answer is yes, yes you can.  I thought you were back on the Ritalin? GDD / LexVegasbiz / Revved Up / Editors Desk


Matthew Doran said...

Charlie P we must blast this event to the GDD Family I got my raffle ticket already it's in the mail to Arizona. #LEXINGTON I have blasted it on Twitter at our new spot @lexvegasbiz let show the community how we take care of our own. Happy St Paddy's Day GDD

Matthew Doran said...