Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dancing. Saygin's wedding. Sunday, LHS loses.

As has been stated many times before, the fact still remains, I'm stuck in a white man's body. Hate it or love it, those are some moves. Thanks Summer for filming getting the shot in the dark.

Happy Sunday! YOU READ THE HEADLINES, Here's the recap. You know there was an old saying on the floor of the CBOT re; marriage. It was a question and it went something like this, OK, would you get on a plane if someone told you there was a 50/50 chance it would crash? I rarely get jokes, but I got that one, funny and topical. The fact of the matter is that the numbers don't lie, nearly half of the happy, button upped scenes you'll see below crash and burn. But we still love getting married, we love the party and if, like many you go into debt to fund it, it is what it is. The party is important. I love that about America. At azll costs, the party must be proper, even if you go into high debt. At this moment in time I'd like to give a big shout out to my father in law, Foster.

But aren't these scenes priceless? Like I mention at the start of Legendes, 1.0 (S.O.L.) it's all about the pictures. And we here at GDD give a huge love injection to my main man Saygin and his new wife Hannah. Saygin sat next to me in 2000, we were bothy trying to learn this foreign currency business. And 12 years later, we started our own office, day job, and with our chief market analyst in tow, the three of us started off in the game together, we were, all these years later still and again last night.

As you can see Charlie Paradise dances, and blue horseshoe loves Tuxedo's. Last night was a great party in Old Town, good to see the Turkish mafia out and about, much love. Also LHS loses to Charsletown ending their run and sadly that of the program. This was a college team with college height, taller than most D3 line up's and depth. And more height to the tune of 6-6 coming off the bench. As they say, you can't teach height. It will be just another year or so before the fill impact of the Big Guy's ouster is felt. Thank god we didn't have to change the ending, LOL.

Anyway any great thing takes a few years to run it into the ground in inherited at it's height and taken over with inept leadership lacking the courage to fight for the tradition. I'm so excited for our documentary. We were home schooled. And we have the team in place if we can just get one under our belt. Big Celtic's game this afternoon, GDD will be tying one on, and reporting later. Huge week coming up, Marching to madness, and possible further $ rally, amen. Join us for google gorilla news nightly this evening. And enjoy the pic's and vid's, again congratulations to Saygin and Hannah.

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