Friday, March 23, 2012

Cherry Blossoms DC , 2012. Enchanted Moments


OK - What's the best way to defuse dangerous energy protaining to a world gone mad? If you work or live in our nation's capitol in late March, you walk through the maze of Cherry Blossoms that sprout briefly every spring here. Like a shining star there time with us is short but lasting. I feel like I'm on a Disney movie set as a trough through what is a very unique and awesome time of year.

Much love to Japanese people, and fluttering peddles in gentle breezes hovering around thus gracing our defining monuments to our brief yet powerful history. It's the best, here are a couple other pic's.. Also a group of Japanese girls were shaking the trees, getting the peddles to fall like a heavy snow over there head for pictures. That's when you hear me say, that should be illegal. Hey, my mother is coming down here on Thursday and they might all be gone, no !

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