Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Art of an Apology

The Art of An apology. The earth always surviveS, few things exact such certitude. AND JUST WHEN YOU GET TO THAT POINT, YOUR WORRY, FAINT RAY OF HOPE, you yourself might break, the world with you, it was inevitable, only fear is easy, and powerful, always encompassing. It’s important to run, bike, eat green things. Amazing earth can’t end, that’s the crazy thing about it. Case in point. Before automobiles there was a sewage crisis in our most glorious city of Manhattan. An enormous health issue, population was skyrocketing, what the fuck are we going to do with all this shit? Automobiles came right at the buzzer. Just like the huge jumps we’ve seen in electric cars, the increased in biking, awareness, just in time. And never too late, I’m just sayen, buckle up for climate change. Estranged I hope to put those thoughts of fear to rest, and focus on what’s best, the most less stress. Duress is constant, a constant decision. And life can be so, so sad. But glad - I live to see one more American Saturday morning not in front of a TV. The written hand, the mutha fucken best conquers this duress and crushes it’s contents, and powerful Ob-1 are the electric. Frosted flakes or corn flakes in sugar, either way, I’m going to crush today, maybe even pay respects to the lost boys, hero’s to be missed, never dismissed, a soft Summer kiss, bliss, it will happen. So please keep trapping these dialectal desserts that you flourish and treasure Saturday morning, it’s hard to measure, the smile built to last, JQ will never be a day past, the age of sixteen, crispy and clean, Magic and Dream the best I’ve ever seen. I’m a Saturday guy. Charlie Paradise

Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Friday Gorilla Google News, Abbreviated Edition.

Access up here is a not so grey area, so i had to make it quick.  Also see below for Tuesday's edition of Gorilla Google news.  Biking to work = AMAZING.  I'm doing a justice for my country, weeing us off oil, and and, I'll never have to work out agaon.  Also Documentary of the month, Fat, Sick and about to Die, so , so good.  Health is also an issue of national security and that is why it's sad the SC will strike down the mandate, health style on the indi tip 5-4, Bush wins, he did a # re shaping that high court, all's you need is love I mean a majority.

Tuesday's Gorilla (unpublished)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something 2 PonDer, Rare Footage, 1st Song, Introduction with c-rat freestyle!!

Our 1st performance, open mike, Arlington VA, Iota.

wow - yes there we didn't have HD in 2005 for this type of event, but dam i hadn't yet so much white in my hair. Yes, i look like a hill billy in the denim joint, but what a band, entertaining to the max, live shows were best. Much love Big C you guitar player, singer , rapper u. Can I get some love on Something 2 Ponder? Best band, old school, dam look at ur boy, peep the freestyle ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gorilla, Google News - March 26th, 2012

By the way, my wife two Monday's ago was overheard by the owner of the Arlington Draft House they should show Mad Men, Sunday's on the big screen with throw back cocktails. Well, they did, the biggest line I've ever seen there, we live right across the street. And everyone was dressed to kill on some 60's shit, and they turned a hundred people away fifteen minutes before 9, including us ~! What a story!

Here's a pic,

Andd from Gorilla dunk daily's own, Brownie Earl, go get em B. We can't believe this shit injustice, share this shit, blast it.

Bardem. Outrageous Doggy Discipline (grapes) + Jigga Mane grooves

OK, so Saygin, DC Birdman and overall exciting person and business partner had a party Saturday night.  And as I watched our chief market analyst play timeless fetch with our scholarly young chap, the dog Barden I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  The dog loves fetch to a degree that he fetches grapes and does not explode them.  And the man I mean the dog has some sharp choppers rest assured.  This was unbelievable to me and had to cop.  It looks as if Omer's fiancee is ready to hit the road but I love the birdman filling up an empty glass at the end of the clip when the dog finally eats the grape.  He also howls like a wolf now anytime he hears a fire truck.  whatdawouldawopulda, good boy

Also another highlight viedoe from March, the jigga man as featured on gorilladunkdaily just getting soulful with a 1, Mr. Johnny Gill from our beloved New Edition, holla.

You say I retarded, I say amazing

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sat Gorilla, Google news + Friday's freestyle

Friday's freestyle

Excerpt from Legendes, a new memoir by Charles Paradise

Early November night, 1990 Thoughts from a crashed X-Wing

I sit alone in my four cornered room staren at candles. Oh that shit is on? Yo, let drop some shit like this.


A couple nights later I was lying in bed on my back looking at my ceiling with a smile on my face. I was getting by barely and the stakes as well as devious thoughts were only becoming grander in my mind. In good times or bad even quasi ordinary I always fell asleep at night pulling the covers over my head pretending I’d crashed my X-wing fighter over a distant planet in a major galactic battle. My scanner was busted and no one could find me, nothing but the heat worked and of course my trusty R-2 unit. In this contrived setting however phantasmagorical was how I made a clear transmission to Jesus. Jesus always helped get me to sleep lying in bed filled with a surface tension of brimming thoughts.

In the back of my mind I thought happily, it’s so legal. The quickest way to become a legend was win a state title and your done. One will never hold the world in their own grasp but it was interesting the powers granted to you if others around you held this perception especially in Astori. And I could never really figure out what it truly meant.

And it was the legends perpetual analeptic arousal that could forever satisfy my gargantuan strand of ADHD and the constant attention required to bear it relatively tame

. I know what a legend is

In order to understand you must first believe in the untouchable art of playing off smoothly the fact that you don’t give a fuck. Analogous to being “made” it was like Harvard, the toughest part was getting in. The question facing a legend was how much shit could you get away with in high school and this would be measured through the years by what you accomplished later. There’s nothing legendary about jail. And legend, it became cliché like the word classic for an ESPN generation but in Astori, back then as a kid you had to have a pellucid understanding if you ever hoped to be mentioned by one to another, that conversation. It was the melding of two polar points centering opposite worlds. And it’s what we lived to chase. And it was an art. It was our genesis to get away now and pay taxes later.

What was your understanding of the thin line that separated you vs. them, the real from the fake truth from the illusion, curtain to legend? And your early teenage years ignorance was at a premium. All’s we knew was we had to be one. Mike had a more precocious handle on all that it encompassed. Being a legend was my Harvard, Hayden was my cabstand and we were determined to honor tradition.

The common folk or fringe players of the time will coddle the tales twenty years later. It’ll be a frosty Christmas Eve and the chap’s only friend from high school he still really keeps in touch with has come over. Their families have since retired for the evening amidst warm associations due to coming events. The two buds who spent a lot of time not drinking buds and studying together in high school sit awake enjoying cold Samuel Adam’s out of tall chilled one pour mugs. Recollecting another time in the tight security of saved money, successful careers, fresh cut lawns and content lives these two are witnessing the facilitation of dialogue that such soothing circumstances promote (after a fresh gulp).

“Ow Tom, jeez you know, that kid really was a fucking legend.”

More than anything in the world a legend is all I ever prayed to be. For it was the legend, the chosen few that could within their realm carry an entire army to the greenest sky or dark basement of needles lost. It could go either way and it was the legend for the most part that decided. That it could go either way captivated stale audiences even in the general dryness of the early nineties. That it was this person that would decide history corroborated his standing in the halls of Astori. He was marked. When it goes the right way it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. All the takes are perfect as you couldn’t film it any better than what you’re currently so blessed to be around. The opposite was also true. A legend in Astori was a living Jedi Knight. Good looking and witty a legend has truly been blessed with all the curses and the gifts and it came down to managing the two for that coveted title which was all any of us ever wanted to be. Basketball would get us there. Being a legend was something inherent that floated the wind at your back, something that made your strength genetic regardless of slight. I always stayed up watching Arsenio Hall until my eye-lid became that thousand pound weight. I understood the goal. I never slept intentionally. One of the perks of being in trouble was having my own TV. And right before the crash. No I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my sole to keep, if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take. God bless my motha, father, sister and all the other family in the world and all the other people in the world even those bad bad people so they can become good people.

(Lights out) I’d been saying the exact same prayer as much as I could remember to do it since I was five, before the lawnmower accident.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cherry Blossoms DC , 2012. Enchanted Moments


OK - What's the best way to defuse dangerous energy protaining to a world gone mad? If you work or live in our nation's capitol in late March, you walk through the maze of Cherry Blossoms that sprout briefly every spring here. Like a shining star there time with us is short but lasting. I feel like I'm on a Disney movie set as a trough through what is a very unique and awesome time of year.

Much love to Japanese people, and fluttering peddles in gentle breezes hovering around thus gracing our defining monuments to our brief yet powerful history. It's the best, here are a couple other pic's.. Also a group of Japanese girls were shaking the trees, getting the peddles to fall like a heavy snow over there head for pictures. That's when you hear me say, that should be illegal. Hey, my mother is coming down here on Thursday and they might all be gone, no !

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Google gorilla news (Early edition)

  In today's edition Charlie Paradise ca't eve ope the news before getting stuck.  The outrageous act of the neighborhood police homicide knocked him off balance.  Thanks to Ethan Zohn, Matty Doran, Tina Farias, are whole team on getting the Matty video out there.

Once again the gun laws anchor the attention like Ritalin, when will we get it?  We need much more regulation in the right places.  It's not longer waiting periods.

And for real imagine if this kid was white?  They let the predator, the killer leave the police that night.  Pretty hard to swallow for a race that gets locked up and not let out for smoking weed. 

Think, take your brain out and listen to your heart.    

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Matty Langone, Legend. Friends For Matty (ORG) Stump Trivia Night, Donate !

Stump Trivia is back! We are holding our second Stump Trivia night to benefit the Friends For Matty Foundation. Light appetizers, raffles, silent auction, cash bar and more! Hope to see you all there!

You can purchase tickets here:

I'll say a couple of things about this, 1 pain to children is the worst condition bro1ught out by man's survival.  Coach Farias said "he would've been a player."  I think you can see here, at only two years of age, young Matty had some skills.  And he loved the game, loved his family, was a ray of light.  Having known little man myself he made an impact on my life.  Having spent time in Children's hospital as a kid the resonance of his loss, life and legacy is not lost on me.  And also, look at the family, our Lexington basketball hoops family.  Some great shots here, I'm glad we captured something, and beyond the importance of this thread, child cancer, the fight for a cure, posterity granted us such great footage of my first basketball family.  My roots and foundation for everything I accomplish in this life.  This life, matty I see you, we all do, thanks for your COURAGE. 

Thanks for your time, and thank's up top for a heart, the vital organ that keeps this whole crazy life going. 

I hope our video can manage even a $20 donation, we will win this fight with your help.  There are so many causes, but this organization helps families in need facing this terrible condition.  you can only imagine the costs in fighting something of this nature.  Life is perspective, it's what you give, Goldman, listening?

  This is an extended clip I've shared with the family in the past, I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together, tears heal and clean our soul from the dusty selfishness that is collected through the motions of a typical day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tricon Sports , holla!


Real Lexington is Tricon sports, Tricon sports is real Lexington. Our first in a series to be equally featured via our sister site,


We are hoping to preserve the treasures that truly define Lexington, it's marrow and ageless heart beat. In a town of historical preservation it's ironical what has been left to die. And fortunately for us, we're a big unit and even in the face of mass destruction, attrition and the kicker wussification we're strong, like the union, still.

I wonder how Rob Tavilla, former LHS hockey captain and current owner of this timeless town gem, Tricon Sports feels about the town deciding to put a de-emphasis on competitive sports at the high school level? In Lexington, no, these days it makes sense but no! The people who are the true faces of true Lexington's strong quilt are not cut from this trophy generation kids cloth.

Tricon is Lexington high school sports, they make and embrioder the game jerseys, the practice gear. What a feeling it was to go to Tricon and get my first varsity football jersey, #2, corner baCK, hot off the press which is in house. I'll never forget it. Skate sharpening, go there, Turkey Bowl gear, head there. Summer league jerseys, new LHS hoops pratice gear, field hockey, soccer, Larosse, it's all Tricon. A life line, the fashonista for varsity sports. Believe me the trend is down, in three years their will be not one winning record left of the major sports offered at my revered LHS.

We've talked about this before on GDD but what separated, what elevated property values laden in high cost? It was a combination of sports and high quality education. Winchester, Lexington, Andover all the towns that rose past there neighbors in the 70's, blew up in the 80's when things started rolling and never looked back shared this unique combination. Great education and killer forilla sports programs, all that you could ask for, you could not be fronted on, as a town.

Who remembers the old location, cradling the alley, in the heart of the center behind Peking Garden? The downstairs was a magical journey inside, accessing all the Harry Potter swords you'd need to master your suited craft if you were so willing to put in work. It was something else, all our dreams, like the 54 goen in battle that first time on the civil war tip. Who remembers Eddie? Eddie was a town pillar on par with maybe only Paul the Barber from the shop donning the same name when it came to town information. Small businesses are the life line of this whole country, so fuck Wal Mart and toast a town legend, so cute and cozy at her new or latest location over the past 20 years on Waltham St diagonal from our lost market Highland (sign), Matty Doran!!! (see Strike it Rich and us circa 1994)

And to further the facts, Tricon owner, Robby Tavilla has hooked up our home grown charity, the YG foundation each and every year for our annual Thanksgiving party / annual golf tournament at Stowe Acres. The man captained a hockey team in Lexington, as a senior that almost won the league despite the best ten players in town going to private schools. Something about that in MASS, doesn't happen in hoops, a little but but certainly not like in hockey. What you need to know is that the owner of Tricon Sports, a town landmark, for us and real Lexington was a downright nasty high school hockey goalie.

So raise your glasses to a local kid, a great kid done come a man and carried on a legendary imprint of providing all the tools and uniforms needed fir the town proud sports program to engage in battle seasonally for honor, college acceptance and dam good old American fierce competition. What's happening to a town that fires hall of fame coaches for being too competitive. This is for you Tricon Sports, stay gold and thanks for the wristbands, the eye black and the tape. To name just a few.

PS: Big shouts to Mr. Brendan Cudha, a scrappy little scorer on the boards that played along aside Mr. Tavilla a couple years ahead to this day helps man the shop and keep in place one of the staples that helped make Lexington, Lexington. thanks guys, keep banging. GORILLA.

Gorilla Google News, early evening edition. March, something 2012. Yeah Baby!!

Welcome Mr. cocktail. OK, we understand your working everyday, drinking in a good way, back on Ritalin, what more do we have to say? Love these... Editors Note: Gorilla Dunk Daily believes that by the November elections the unemployment rate will actually break 8 % not the 8.% vocalized in this video. Please remember that Mr. Paradise sits down and does these in true ADD form and zero prepping for the end of the world. Freestyle is paramount, if something doesn't work figure it out, life is puzzles, go back to a kid. That's what employers are looking for, problem solvers, so0lutions, confidence, and yeah, you should be able to type. In five more years not so much, ten years, forgetaboutitguy.... Also check out for the hometown that keeps repping, ripping my shit, anyway you slice it, attention :) Look out for a thread on some locals businesses and the Matty Langone Foundation, friends of Matty, stay gold aND TRUE. GIVE BACK BITCHES ! MY WISDOM OF THE DAY LIKE ONLY CP CAN DELIVER, IF YOUR TOO OLD TO CUT THE MUSTARD, LICK THE JAR. CHEAY 2012 SUMMER ANTHEM , YEAH SNOOP, STILL KILLEN EM

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google gorilla news - I thought u were Back on Ritalin?

OK, gorilla, google news has been a popular post with what's his name.  Anyways that guy no names, Charlie, but back by popular demand and you can't get past the first headline which we talked about last time!  We appreciate the little Antione Walher swhing thing you do, but seriosuly we need Google , Gorilla News, and we need it nightly.  And Mr. Paradise we need you to go down the entire google news.  A second or minute just touch on at least 80% of the headlines during whenever you "do you thing" whatever that means.  That being said we goty a couple new sponsrs, we re-discovererd Matty Doran born again like us as a Giant doing his thing.  We like the honme grown movie about Wussification in America.

So please, pretty please with gummy bears on top (yeah I said it) , can you please run through the news and not get distracted after one story, the answer is yes, yes you can.  I thought you were back on the Ritalin? GDD / LexVegasbiz / Revved Up / Editors Desk

What's Your HandiCap?

What does handicap mean to you?

Golf per say or something that you've been through?

Maybe the mastering of the course as the lay out of your life

Or the tendons that you lost so late one night?

The knife in the back with which you always stab yourself, your lack of wealth

or lack of limbs, can you say, I.E.D.?

Or is your chromosone count too high like Florida degree's?

Has age rotted a mind once so bright, instrumental in our most glorious fight, a time of life, a time alight with dynamite,

shaking the world to it's core, dressed tidy in mental decor

a gifted intellect once arousing, scouring for images,

life is pictures

of lost innocence's

so what's your handi cap, was it everything you hoped it would be?

did it devour or make you into the type of person you always thought one day you'd be?

did you block or shout it out?

did you hide or always blurt it all out?

Did you tackle your Vadar, face your courage, take it's tempature and jump

your heart thump, the pump, the fear, DON'T LOOK NOW, your handi cap is swallowing your career

The voices that cradle your potential, rock it comfortable, allowing it to stabilize, nurture and dissolve! remaining resolve that will kill your will to capture a dream or mystery resolved

And most days it's a decision, be consiouss and choose perspective,

It's easy to find these days.

These words are a passion

Block out the no and bring on the yay, a spring day in VA, thanks for summer, thanks for thoughts, thanks for Cherry

Blossmoms, cherry clans and cherry dots

Hate excuses.

Crave results.

love those around you and realize a greater power than you'd ever experience had you never been, handi cap.

CEE . 1st night March Madness 2012 after breaking glass on accident Spring in DC

Really Just Don't - Retar Crew, rare basement, 1 take footage (new joint)

Does JQ kill the beat every single time?  Fresh off their killer, monster east coast tour, smashing baby on the Grommits tip.  get involved, all their shit is free, JQ slams the last verse, the most talented rapper I've ever met.  Happy Thursday G Dunker's. !!!!

march madness is here, go.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest commentary: Farias, Brincklow treated unfairly

Guest commentary: Farias, Brincklow treated unfairly

Good morning my gorilla's.  Happy Tuessday, big vote down in the south for the GOP today.  Also the Fed meets at 2:15 to annouce their decision on IR's, and as always we will look to their statement, please end bond buying!  And on to other news.  of course this article ties right into our documentary re; legendary coach Bob Farias. 

uick google shows stories like this fanning out acorss America.  We intent to make a strong country argument to this lack of due process.  The coach was never granted due process, complaining parents won, and this is not a lesson we want people to experience.  It's wrong, and the kicker has to be attacking the man at his weakest, in the aftermath of the tragic passing of a legend, Matty Langone.  Thankfully there our still a couple son's of Liberty out there.  And from what I know of these mentined parties in this article, they are cold around the heart.

By Jim Baker

Lexington Minuteman

Posted Jul 20, 2010

Lexington — The outrage of the sports year at Lexington High School is the absurd act of principal Natalie Cohen and first-year athletic director Naomi Martin slam-dunking two excellent veteran basketball coaches, Hall of Famer Bob Farias and long-time assistant Tom Brincklow.

Though no formal announcement has yet been made about this and other major changes, both veteran coaches are out despite tremendous success with the boys' hoop program. Meanwhile, the administrative firm of Cohen and Martin are busy stonewalling those with the nerve to inquire why Farias and later Brincklow would be jettisoned in favor of Reginald Hobbs, a biology teacher at the school who reportedly coached at Tufts University.

This stunning story has rightly inflamed parents, ex-players and all those familiar with the significant deeds of Farias, who notched 567 victories and 18 Middlesex League titles in 34 years as head coach, and Brincklow, who starred and coached at Lexington for a combined 25 years.

After I learned of the Farias upheavel, I appeared before the Lexington School Committee and told Superintendent Paul Ash and members how outrageous the move is, with the timing particularly galling following the tragic death of Farias' grandson, Matty, after a courageous battle with cancer.

The move to drop Farias seems a clear case of kicking a man while he's down. But during my th

Silence was hardly golden that evening.

Then word came that Brincklow, who clearly deserved the head job, was passed over for Hobbs. Brincklow, who has done outstanding work with the LABBB program here, was understandably crushed. He had rejected many possible positions, including at least one in his current hometown of Norwood, to remain at Lexington and perhaps soon be promoted to head coach when Farias retired.

Farias stayed silent, hoping Brincklow would get the nod, but it never came.  I've since dashed off letters to Martin and Cohen plus other officials in the community and media personnel.  While calling the fortunes of the two-time Lexington MIAA champion softball team on LexMedia, I tried twice to ask Martin what happened with Farias. She refused to address the matter. I similarly tried twice to talk with Cohen, once visiting her office. She was "busy."

Early this week, I got Cohen on the phone. 

I chose the occasion to question her about Farias and Brincklow. But she insisted she could not comment, which I interpret as a good way to hide. And Martin is "unavailable for comment," as the saying goes.

Just beautiful, isn't it?

Cohen stated she did not want to be "unfair" to the coaches, thus her silence.

When I asked how she had been "fair" to Farias and Brincklow, there was more silence.

So much for accountability.

Margaret Coppe, chairing the School Committee, explained that since the early 1990s, school committees cannot act on personnel decisions. But I told the committee that night, "You can make recommendations. You are human."

Again, silence.

The best commentary thus far on the Farias-Brincklow outrage came in the Minuteman on July 1 from 2008 Lexington High graduate Mark MacDonald, an ex-player who praised both coaches for teaching him to be accountable and "above all, be an honest and caring person."

He stressed: "After the heartbreaking end to Coach Farrias' time in Lexington, I believed no one deserved the job more than Brincklow."

MacDonald is correct. But try to tell Martin and her principal that. Their sorry moves have upset many and cost Lexington High a tradition of good will that the coaches they have turned aside spent years in building. Farias and Brincklow are two of the finest coaches I have encountered in 40-plus years of covering professional, collegiate and high school sports around Buffalo and Boston.

To put it mildly, they surely do not deserve to be treated as Martin and Cohen have treated them.

But then, who wants to put this mildly?

Jim Baker is a Lexington resident and a former reporter and columnist with the Buffalo Courier-Express and Boston Herald, plus the author of five books.


Monday, March 12, 2012

London Olympics, Shakespeare + Q Brothers (our own Fam)

London's Globe to Globe Festival: WORLD PARTY.

February 23, 2012 at 7:19 am I’m not a huge fan of the olympics. Countries competing against each other to see who is the best?! Isn’t that what we have wars for? For years, I’ve been trying to garner support for my World Party concept. The World Party would be a place and time when representatives from different countries come together to celebrate cultural differences. Finally, London IS calling. And we'll be there, holla.

And this world party kicks off on William Shakespeare’s birthday.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London presents the Globe to Globe Festival, April 23rd - June 10th. This 2012 Cultural Olympiad will feature all 37 plays of Shakespeare’s performed by 37 different international companies in 37 different languages. Among the selected countries, Team USA is being represented by Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Chicago Shakes will be producing OTHELLO: THE REMIX in the language of hip hop. The world premiere is being devised by the Q Brothers in collaboration with CST Creative Producer Rick Boynton.

Each country will have two performances of their show. The Shakespeare Globe Theatre is an open air arena. The audience seats are covered. But the *show must go on* no matter what the weather brings. Ticket packages are available. The entire 37 play festival can be enjoyed standing for 100lbs (about $150). Here’s the line up, in sequential order, to get your ethnic palette drooling...

“Venus & Adonis” - Isango Ensemble, Cape Town “Troilus & Cressida” - Ngakau Toa, Auckland “Measure for Measure” - Vakhtangov Theatre, Moscow “The Merry Wives of Windsor” - Bitter Pill, Nairobi “Pericles” - National Theatre of Greece, Athens “Twelfth Night” - Company Theatre, Mumbai “Richard III” - National Theatre of China, Beijing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” - Yohangza Theatre Company, Seoul “Julius Caesar” - I Termini Co Benvenuti/Lungta Production, Teatro di Roma, Rome “Cymbeline” - The South Sudan Theatre Company, Juba “Titus Andronicus” - Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio, Hong Kong “Richard II” - Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah “Othello” - Q Brothers, Chicago Shakespeare Thtr, Richard Jordan Prods, Chicago (Done in Hip Hop Idiom) “The Tempest” - Dhaka Theatre, Dhaka “MacBeth” - Teatr im. Kochanowskiego, Opole “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” - Two Gents Productions, Harare/London “Henry VI: Part I” - National Theatre in Association with Laza Kostic Fund, Belgrade “Henry VI: Part II” - National Theatre of Albania, Tirana “Henry VI: Part III” - National Theatre of Bitola, Bitola “Henry IV: Part I” - Compana Nacional de Teatro, Mexico City “Henry IV: Part II” - Elkafka Espacio Teatral, Buenos Aires “King John” - Gabriel Sundukyan, National Academic Theatre, Yerevan “King Lear” - Belarus Free Theatre, Minsk “As You Like It” - Marjanishvili Theatre, Tbilsi “Romeo & Juliet” - Grupo Galpao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil “Coriolanus” - Chiten, Kyoto “Love’s Labour’s Lost” - Deafinitely Theatre, London “All’s Well That Ends Well” - Arpana, Mumbai “The Winter’s Tale” - Renegade Theatre, Lagos “The Taming of the Shrew” - Theatre Wallay, Lahore “Antony & Cleopatra” - Oyun Atolyesi, Istanbul “The Merchant of Venice” - Habima National Theatre, Tel Aviv “Henry VIII” - Rakata, Madrid “The Comedy of Errors” - Roy-e-Sabs, Kabul “Timon of Athens” - Bremer Shakespeare Company, Bremen “Much Ado About Nothing” - Compagnie Hypermobile, Paris “Hamlet” - Meno Fortas, Vilnius “Henry V” - Shakespeare’s Globe, London

In preparation for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Chicago Shakespeare Theater is hosting a delegation of leaders from Shakespeare festivals across Europe. The week, the world has come to Chicago! The cultural faction has representatives from Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and the United Kingdom. The group will enjoy the three shows currently playing at Chicago Shakes: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Feast,” and “Short Shakes: Taming of a Shrew.” In addition, the touring assembly will also participate in activities at other Chicago cultural institutions, including; Newberry Library and Harris Dance Theatre.

SIDENOTE: I am going to London, March 8th through 12th. Check back to read about my London adventure on the UK theatre scene. Gorilla Riddle of the day: try and figure it !

And Here's a clip from there last play, Shakespeare , hip hop idiom.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dancing. Saygin's wedding. Sunday, LHS loses.

As has been stated many times before, the fact still remains, I'm stuck in a white man's body. Hate it or love it, those are some moves. Thanks Summer for filming getting the shot in the dark.

Happy Sunday! YOU READ THE HEADLINES, Here's the recap. You know there was an old saying on the floor of the CBOT re; marriage. It was a question and it went something like this, OK, would you get on a plane if someone told you there was a 50/50 chance it would crash? I rarely get jokes, but I got that one, funny and topical. The fact of the matter is that the numbers don't lie, nearly half of the happy, button upped scenes you'll see below crash and burn. But we still love getting married, we love the party and if, like many you go into debt to fund it, it is what it is. The party is important. I love that about America. At azll costs, the party must be proper, even if you go into high debt. At this moment in time I'd like to give a big shout out to my father in law, Foster.

But aren't these scenes priceless? Like I mention at the start of Legendes, 1.0 (S.O.L.) it's all about the pictures. And we here at GDD give a huge love injection to my main man Saygin and his new wife Hannah. Saygin sat next to me in 2000, we were bothy trying to learn this foreign currency business. And 12 years later, we started our own office, day job, and with our chief market analyst in tow, the three of us started off in the game together, we were, all these years later still and again last night.

As you can see Charlie Paradise dances, and blue horseshoe loves Tuxedo's. Last night was a great party in Old Town, good to see the Turkish mafia out and about, much love. Also LHS loses to Charsletown ending their run and sadly that of the program. This was a college team with college height, taller than most D3 line up's and depth. And more height to the tune of 6-6 coming off the bench. As they say, you can't teach height. It will be just another year or so before the fill impact of the Big Guy's ouster is felt. Thank god we didn't have to change the ending, LOL.

Anyway any great thing takes a few years to run it into the ground in inherited at it's height and taken over with inept leadership lacking the courage to fight for the tradition. I'm so excited for our documentary. We were home schooled. And we have the team in place if we can just get one under our belt. Big Celtic's game this afternoon, GDD will be tying one on, and reporting later. Huge week coming up, Marching to madness, and possible further $ rally, amen. Join us for google gorilla news nightly this evening. And enjoy the pic's and vid's, again congratulations to Saygin and Hannah.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

LHS wins! Weekly highlight's + Saygin get's married today in Old Town!

Check out this footage, Super Fans, Golden copulations in the streets of Lawrence, congratulations.  Thanks to Brownie for the shots.   

"Hand me a joint,. good music and some room to breath those that doubt Com soon will believe."  Common

I will say on the nestle, I didn't really know Ready to Die to fall of my freshmen year of college.  The previous fall, the Chronic jumped off, and everyone, it didn't matter if you had a slick game or not, it didn't matter if you liked rap or not, but everyone when they heard, Ain't nothing but a G thing baby could dig it.  After that, in May of 94, Snoop dropped Doggysytle, his first full length LP.  And then came Ready To Die, Nas, Illmatic, The Imfamous Mob Deep,  Me Against the World (Pac), JZ Reasonable Doubt and many, many more, but you get the point.  BIG along with Pac were the giants.  And it ended so quick, so long ago, so violent, both unsolved, they were the best to ever do it.  And most people are going to agree on that, if you ever did get a consensus.

And less than 8 months apart, the two of them, my #1 and, #2.  The art had become reality.  It remains, so fucking crazy.....

Happy Sat.  Here are some pic's of summer and I this past Monday, with the homey Lauren, draft house bar, love it!  They serve the movie popcorn at the bar, ah dooms.  And they have this famous mug shot on the wall.  A Tarantino type of place.  The Arlington Draft House.  Also this last one is of the Turkish Tom Cruise, picking up his tux Fri.  He asked the Korean lady measuring him if a blind lady had tailored it.  I fell off my seat.  The benevolent dictator, I'm looking forward to his speech later.   And of course to my man Saygin, it's your day my man.  I've asked Summer to film me dancing in the circle tonight, holla, I do it all for you, and a little me.  Hahahaha, learn to dance, I quote Ren Mcormick, leaping and dancing before the lord. 

   Gold bless John Stewart. Rush is so ugly, fat and old. This should leave him with only the real dirty. Great TV And finally the new club I joined this morning.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Today's Protest in DC

Ok.  So this is the corner CT and I, a block from the white house and the gorilla pimp office I started for global payments.  Anyway two brand new state of the art see through buildings have just gone up facing each other.  And they are gorgeous.  They are where I want to move Comfex DC in a couple years as we pack the joint.  They are as expensive as they are cajun.  And everyday you have this posse of "union workers" banging anything that can make noise outside of these brand new buildings.

I'm not sure what union they represent or if it's lunch break at the shelter but this white dude has just had enough.  There was a swing and this was the tail end of a larger scuffle as I made my way to PJ Clarke's for one hell of a burger.  I will say these noise makers have been doing this in DC since I first got here in 99.  They sometimes have the big inflated balloon rat which I want to steal ala Batman Joker for my first video as c-rat, 1.0

If I was a bit quicker there would be more highlight's.  The white guy kept saying leading up to the pushing and swing, "every fucking day!  Every fucking day I gotta listen to this shit."  The sad part of this noise making faction which is all over the district is the goose egg it's layed regarding any objective beyond pissing off the working white man which has some honor, I'll give them that.

I do appreciate their dedication but feel they need a savvier approach.  I appreciate the drums, I love go go and my boy is the white ninja from Drumline, holla.  What's not to like?  What I do need is a quicker camera trigger, classic shit out there hapeening right now that we'll miss and should be recorded.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Legendes, Chapter III. (Cont.) Sep, 91, Sweet Sensation #1 Song In The Country!!


I was fucked, and he was angry. You could see it in his neck veins. My face turned purple. I dropped my cane.

I can’t breathe. I’m sorry!

Laughter was the only audio playing. Different colors appeared, hundreds of tears flowed down my face. I can’t breath. I can breath. I see Security. I was dropped. I was inhaling air so fast and furiously. Air tasted so good on my gums. Better than oranges at halftime of youth soccer games on hot summer days. I lay feebly on my knees emotionally shaken. And catching my breath I finally caught my breath. Anger rallied me back on my Sky Blue Adidas. I quickly felt for the small butterfly knife I tucked inside the belt of my baggy jeans earlier for situations just like this. My first thought was to run up and put two-thirds of that blade in the back of his neck. Then I would feel better. What to do?

I carry a “doink” to school because I’m an aspiring rap star.

My friend Tick, the nature lover, when he saw that knife was baffled. I never thought he’d try to kill himself with it two months later.

But on that first day of high school I felt safe with my hand on a knife after being strangled within an inch of my life. It’s terror having your air supply shut off.

As I watched the senior I hated high five his dimwitted running mates a newly instated parking lot security guard stood behind me. She blocked the sun and suddenly I could see everything. Jesus Christ get me out of here

“What the hells the problem here kid?” I couldn’t believe that toy boy / women was actually asking belligerently what had happened with me when the true felons were just seconds away! I love that line.

“step off cracker.”

I love callen white people crackers

It made me feel better. I wiped the last tear from my eye, heard the bell ring, regrouped and thought, “dam.” Also I thought if my mother had ever just witnessed that, dam. What if the Big Guy, the head basketball coach had seen that? I'd be done early, out of the gates nice work sport.

I promised ma on my grave this morning that I would be good this year, a whole new Carl I’d moderately breached. An older girl walked by I was familiar with, I shouted, “yo, yo, yo!” She stopped, thankfully responded, “yes Carl?”

“Where do I go?" I'd ask innocently like a lost dog from heaven after what just happened.

“Homeroom loser.”

I wonder what that snotty little face would look like with the massager.

I straightened my shirt, which was dope, picked up my cane, pulled down my jeans, and headed towards homeroom. My head was down and shaking from side to side in unison with my strut.

It may look funny, I don’t give a fuck. I can dance.

Sagging myself into homeroom personal proclivities dictated I was the very last student to arrive. After what I went through in Junior High, I figured I had a reputation to grow.

The teacher looked up from her clipboard, “Well well, well" I loved it. She knew my name! It was a great feeling. Carl Easton, nice of you to join us. Please take a seat. I needed the last words. The class cracked up loudly. I always got a kick out of the spontaneity in which I could produce confusing, laughable responses. The classroom was a stage next to only basketball I could perform to an audience.

“Don’t make this a habit.” She says forcefully

“Get off my dick.”

The class laughs. “What did you say?” Her reading glasses slip

“What?” I played confused.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything, I said what?”

"What's with the cane?"

“I hurt my ankle.” Sitting down I'd completed my pimp walk. The laughter grows with each passing step high fiving my man Max along the way. I point to a fan from Hayden. I imaged a camera flashing. I took the seat right behind my buddy Max. I could tell he was trying not to be the zilla I knew. He laughed. Max and I went way back played football together.

And it was Max whom we gave Reggie, my old cocker spaniel from the Junior High point system on that fateful day. We lost Reggie that night. I whisper something to Max.

“Take a seat.”

I sit. There’s a knock on the door. I see a man. I know him without sight or introduction. I'd been warned by my sister and mother all summer long about this guy.

Apparently he did not fuck around, Mr. Robinson. The rumor was his beeper, (a then relatively new and certainly sleek state of the art device) was really a direct line to the police station. I’d heard he had no qualms prosecuting kids and crimes that occurred on school grounds. My mother told me to watch out for him and so did Porsche and so did Brooke. My mother added he loved Brooke and if I played my cards right he might be an ally.

“Mr. Robinson, nice to see you, you need someone already?” Mr. Robinson leaning in the doorway looked like quite a challenge. That was my first impression. Also, to further his intrigue he wore brown leather cowboy boots complimenting booty tight wrangler jeans! Jesus Christ this was a guy, this was a cowboy educator, I quickly think to myself, unlike any I’ve ever seen up to this point in my career. He wore the aforementioned then state of the art PageNet beeper on the side of his belt and carried a clipboard which made me think of the Wonder Years.

Of course the Sky pager made him new jack and this paradox tipped my toes from jump. The man’s booty tight jeans made it hard to keep a straight face for me at first. “Mr. Easton!" You are number #1 on my list today.”

“You talking to me?” I reply pointing at myself but really just pointing at the gold chain I stole from my sister earlier.

“I’d like a word please.” He commanded.

As I fluttered towards the door I high fived Max who was loving the house masters attention.

“What up?” Frozen without warning he reveals a very small but very presumptuous Jedi like lip curl. I was intrigued.

“Good morning Mr. Easton. I'd like to welcome you to our fine institution. A couple of things, I've been reviewing your file this morning, I must say pretty good file you've managed to amass.”

"Thank you." I replied smug

"I'm reading and I quote, he's the worst student I've had in thirty years of teaching. This is a kid that will make you re-evaluate your profession."

He flips a couple yellow pages ahead on his pad, “This is my favorite, last year Carl caused the class nutrition to plummet. And of course Carl is prone to violent outbursts when his needs are not met. You gotta have that, right?" His loaf of lettuce flocked to his left.

"yeah yo yeah"

Settling down he finishes chuckling while holding his stomach for obviously he was experiencing pain in his abdominal region. Continuing his light chuckle, “I bet you must have been the pride of the 8th eighth grade class.” I was angry, he was beating me at my own game already, I angrily replied under the radar “I’ve never been convicted of a felony.”

“Carl I don’t want to see you hurt yourself anymore than you’ve already managed. I’ve spent the morning reading shall we say your “file” and (blurts out laughing) I must say that you have managed to upset a lot of good people sir. I simply have dropped by this morning to ask you one question, (laughing pause) what’s your secret?” I snap back “pink milk, it’s always been the pink milk.”

Mr. Robinson began laughing so loud that I could see precipitation forming in his eyes.

What’s so funny? What’s with everyone?

“A few things Mr. Easton, one, pink milk” again he explodes in laughter as I look around and ponder

why are there never any witnesses when this weird shit happens to me?

Finally Mr. Robinson continued. “Carl, C Cafeteria is the only cafeteria on campus that sells the milk pink. Now I’m going to inform Camile that you are not allowed to purchase any Pink milk and if we catch you drinking pink milk on school grounds you’ll be suspended. Wait, I know you want to speak but there’s more.” I thought of Star Wars. OK, Mr. Easton in addition Florence Kennedy is our school nurse and any day that I hear from her that you haven’t reported in to take your medication you’ll receive five long detentions.” Placing five fully extended fingers in front of my face he resumes his leveraged stance, “count em Carl, five detentions” he’s twisting his open palm front to back. “Five every time so think. Take your medication too. Anyway, I want to wish you all the luck in the world at the start of your high school career” again his head viciously directs itself in a tilting downward fashion as he pivots back off balance like vertigo. Uncontrollably laughing away he walked away to the next victim on his list.

Why can’t there be the same set of rules for everyone? Jesus Christ, how can I win? No pink milk? But I just told him that was my secret, what the fuck?

As Mr. Robinson was walking away and still within striking distance I said quietly under my breath “nice jeans homo." I think his laughter overrides any inconspicuous slanderous chatter that it was his job to detect. Mr. Robinson was a greater, savvier and professional challenge. That was absolutely my very first impression. I need that pink milk was my next thought.


Homeroom soon ended and my freshman year was underway and already I was off to a horrendous start. If this whole thing was being filmed on the reality tip and my mother was watching there’d be no Xanex left to steal.   I needed basketball to start.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Turbo Tax Rap - Big Dog Refund. Tax Season with JQ!

Tax Time! Get them done early people and enjoy the season with our uncle JAQ from the Retar Crew. He did this for a contest a while back and lost. It was far and away the best. They sent him a Turbo Tax chain as an honarble mention which he gave to me.  He was robbed but J gave us this. He shows off all his skills in this one, triple threat. Holla

Here's the wimnner

Monday, March 05, 2012

Perform Beautifully in Life, Hayden Synchronized Skating. Haydenette's!

Wow. They are close to cultural phenonenom, if the sport goes Olympics, it's a wrap, they would've made a signifigant contribution to the wide world of sports. And to think it all started in Lexington in 1979. My figure skating knowledge is second only to basketball and General Hospital. 

These girls can skate, and they have gotten better. The Haydenette's have won 20, yes twenty national championships, this is a UCLA type of run on the Patriot's tip with a Yankee swing. It's truly unbelievable, and to think it all started in lexington, excuse me Astori so many years back reeled.

Of course, they didn't win at first, it was a club thing, a cutting edge sport, why not wade in those waters? Charles Hayden, my grandfather Ivan and Charles brother isiah had come together to secure a state of the art skating rink, for the children of Lexington to flourish. Why not? And so it went. The Haydenett's expanded to the younger Ice mates and finally the pint sized Ice Cubes. All for the girls from Lexington, what a gift.

However it wasn't until 1988, and the Ice mate's that a Hayden Precision team won a national title, my sister's first year doing precision, she was an Ice mate, and man, she could skate.

These days, like the local Blue Sox baseball domiance in summer baseball, none of the athletes are from Lexington. The Blue Sox win city league summer titles against teams that recruit locally from their cities. Alternatively the Blue Sox recruit nationally to conquer their local city league. It's something.

In any event those late 80's and early 90's when the Haydenette's began to really seperate themselves were glorious times. Who remembers the Hot Fudge Sundaes?  I loved the girls. That's what I remember, I just wanted to be behind the curtains at ice shows with the ladies as they strapped on their tights and flashed dozens of slinky legs. They were my rockette's, my heaven of angels.  

I remember watching them on national TV every year, new Years day at Rockafella center. It made me think of Janet Jackson watching her brothers every Sat morning, their national cartoon and how happy that must've made the budding young performer.

Growing up, in my sister's room sat a copy of figure skating magazine, she along with the Haydenette's were on the cover. I remember the classic picture, i must find this of Christopher "the showman" Bowman, giving the what!! Look as keri greebie pinched his ass in the back ground. So classic. Our girls rubbed shoulders with every big name skater of that day. I remember an evening with Champions, I remember the Boston Open, their trip to Norway, Cananda, cali.

My sister was getting good, she knew the best skaters from other towns and competed as a single gal all over. It's a pretty safe bet viewing this reel that none of the former girls could skate with the present day Haydenetee's, they are flat out incerible, but my sister could whether they recruited nationally or not. She won just about every singles contest she ever entered. She would walk up to upper Hayden and down in the weight room wow the boys by the fact she could leg lift the entire rack. Throw in the high cheeck bones and it's a wrap.

Anyway, what a cool sport, pristine and crisp. So winter.  So different than competing forces in the underbelly of reckless youth. This is something to cheer about. yes, I met scott Hamilton, who remembers the Nutra Sweet chamiponship? I loved the Nutra Sweet, just for the fact alone that Scott Hamilton, above, got to do his patent back flip, sik skillz.

Happy Monday Sports! Go get em, cold calling commencing, 3-2-1, now. Big shout out to Lynn Benson, the Coach Farias of precision skating, you were great. And congratulations from an early fan and family man to the Haydenette's on yet another national championship.  And good luck to Lexington boys baskateball this Thursday at Reading, they've been gifted a cake walk to UMASS where it gets hairy quick, if they advance.  The sad part for me, in the wake of bob's unceromonious cecessation, is he was waiting for this team.  He talked about this eigth grade class at length back in 06-07.  the best class he'd ever seen which included the iconic Ronnie Lee's newphew, Chris.  Oh well, life is life, it will be interesting to see if how they fare in UMAA if they make it past 1/4 finals.   Good luck guys.


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday. A National Day of Rest.

Good morning Gorilla's, welcome. Jazz is playing, Summertime, Ella Fitz and Louey A, there is a Dunken Doughout's next to my building. Spring is sweating itself to emerge, I can smell the egg's roasting. Pajammas are in full effect. The news, and something casual, how smart it is to be productive on such a day. Or not, we'll clean, prepare for manana, I want to look at some old J. Wig footage having some quick time now that the basketball project received an injection. And Lexington high plays today at Westford. Winner goes to Salem which is now Reading for the North semi final. March madness is soon here. Time fly's. Back up your work. Tinkering with a few mediums here, we hope you've enjoyed our latest installments, gorilla google, the news. As mentioned the illustrious Summer Crush spoke yesterday at American University. We had lunch at Founding Farmers, a great name for a son of Liberty such as myself. I showed her our downtown office. It was also great to learn Magic has a downtown office in Boston that he keeps on top of the Manhattan joint. , just made me feel good. I'll never forget when he started working at Legal Seafoods, Burlington mall in high school. Commence to never waiting in line again! And we'd forever always go at the busiest times, just to walk by everyone and see that look at envy eying your trail. And we were hooked. Great gig. Magic would show up at a party after work with clam chowder and our favorite legal rolls. And thus this was a job we all could participate in the upside on. And he only ever worked there one summer but he milked almost eight years out of it. There was always one person left that still worked their for Magic's big seek week run all those years prior. I think he did it just so we would never have to wait in line at legal's, Burlington. And we here at GDD thank you Mr. Presnky. A couple lessons in life here, one life is what you make out of your oppurtuntities, 2) and never burn bridges. It's our ethos. OK, here are my Sunday jams of the week. Sunday Morning. Velvet Underground. What a great name for a group. What a sound. Their tracks that made it onto it's way of the Door's, movie score, is the hyped up, party anthem of the century. And let us not forgot, that's right fans, Sunday morning. What a track.

On the work front I called a prospect on Thursday, she opened the next day Friday on a dollar rally. With a nice spread on 400K EURO, gets the pumped for the game. Phone magic for real. After all, who in the hell is Commonwealth Foreign Exchange? We are a beast, DC office growing up quick! Thank god. Come soon March madness, in March I'll be editing the final month of March for the 06-07 team, the end. And we'll then put it together. Perhaps parlaying what should be our final editing stretch to a large degree should happen over Patriot's day, sick. What a weekend. Red paint, dear lord. Celtics are old, Jeff Greene was a killer, baseball is coming, finally I have a true national league team, the national's. Baseball in our nation's capitol just makes smart sense.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mix Tape Freak II. WTDB

So Max Fisher watched my Home Belmont sequence and said I was a natural editor. And I'm saying to myself watching the attached, this is another albeit rough example of my raw editing talent. Thank you Jimmy. Jimmy aka Max Fisher is our 23 year old president. It makes sense the kid is orchestrating the old men on this project.

On a brighter note I'm thinking of grabbing some of my office mates and throwing our hat into the inside sales speaking to companies racket. It's like corporate guidance counseling, I love it and therefor am a force in this realm. I love the broker game. I love people. All sides of life. Interesting, always. Except 7th grade man, I was bored as shit. My teenage love song writing in classes hit an all time high and low which incidentally was the name of my first rap group. The High and Low crew. Myself and B-Dawg. During that long seventh grade I UNLEASHED CLASSICS SUCH AS THE LITTLE KNOWN, I'm just a lonely teenage boy that needs some love and Only if you knew, which I wrote a two fingered piano ballad to accompany. There was the one word track, "love" my only hit, Keepen it Together (the famous topic of holiday ritual and ridicule) Ballen and My Love Thang. Awe inspired not only by new Edition but at the time younger bands like High Five and my favorite the boys and of course ABC, respect. These are the stories. A slam dunk fun fact I was in a boy band called $mooth Adolescents always gets a laugh in DC. This spawns questions, funny responses and an eventual quick dance jib which ultimately wins everyone over again and again. The point? Become a good dancer, vital. ********************************************************************************************************** Thursday Night freestyle, everyone loves the freestyle hard to do when you know not what, just spit and glide with the sub, woof and consioussness