Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Without lamps, There would be no light.

Sometimes it's the simple things that help bring you back after giftwrapping the Super Bowl to a New York QB with down syndrome. My favorite quote from the Breakfast Club. it's helping, it's helping.

In any event this is after they got stoned and are going through what they did that landed them in Saturday detention. Brian discloses he took shop for an easy "A" to keep his pristine GPA fully in tact. Bender asks him why he thought taking shop would be easy. And Brian replies, "Have you seen some of the dopes that take shop?" And Bender replies, "I take shop" and Brian gets testy, and walks Bender into the line of all lines giving the nerd something to think about over the weekend besides the fact that he was unable to succesfully kill himself with a flare gun.

A real winner.

Brian: "What do you know about Trigonometry?"
Bender: "I could care less about Trigonometry"
Brian: "Without Trigonometry there'd be no engineering."
Bender: "Without lamps there'd be no lights."


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