Monday, February 27, 2012

Mix Tape Freak - WTDB

holla. I can't help but activate the crew, and document the entire thing like only we can and do, the good and the dysfunctional. But somehow love continues to conquer all, you have to just take a look. Understanding it can be the hardest thing is no small merit. And murdering it again and again is success. You know my whole life all's I ever wanted to do was play basketball at Lexington high. I had a game the brothers would call nice and my neighbors, solid. The fact is, this program was more to me than maybe many others from third grade threw present. With the exception of my partner in this upcoming film. So right there you have the two people in a perfect world that should've followed through and put it together. It's not talking about high school it's immersed in the present, it's creating, honoring putting something down that confidence no brained you threw. Something tangible, your heart in the right place, there is nothing more powerful. Summer's not pregnant, but I'm thinking, already, the passage, time, what of it, maybe something, maybe nothing at all. But I hope you watch this in it's entirety, and sense the magic, feel the story, through the force. You can be anything you want to be. Excellence starts with a commitment, and that's first and fore most, I will never hear otherwise. And my fellow, capatilist, my own generation, in charge now, America, feel this point. And this will always be, speaking for myself, my jewel, nothing will ever compare to going home first, where the heart is.

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