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Lexington High School Basketball 03-05-1988 B.C.High@L.H.S. (not complete)

mix tape circuit for our film Where The Defense Began.

I flew home for some final footage and to take in senior night 2012. Post Coach Farias, the new coach looked like a kid coaching in the Hayden league's. he appeared grossly underqualified. And they have the tallest front court in the league. AND THEY DIDN'T WIN THE MIDDLESEX LEAGUE TITLE, a once birthright. Instead, they LOST SEVEN GAMES.

With a college sized front court and tradition rarely matched state wide, the old guard would've had this team running maybe one loss. Senior night, the stands were empty, and most disturbing, the gym was cold. But this wasn't now, this was then, this was 88 another year in the program. And it's gone. Nothing lasts forever, but we intend to at least make it right, at least put it down, what we had, what was lost on film.

The crowd was empty, the gym was cold, they played zone, and admission was free, and there were no concessions.

Just to re-cap, we film the entire 06-07 season which incidentally was Coach Farias's first undefeated regular season. A season in which he bagged his 500th win, the Minuteman ran off forty plus straight Middlesex League games capping a staggering six year run that left the Minutemen 129-8 the last six years and the gym was always stuffed. The year we came back, it was just like how we left it. And that say's something. The world had changed so much, not inside that gym on Tuesday and Friday night's though. God forbid, a home state tournament game, which the above footage is.

Anyway in one year the new coach playing zone in the cold gym with no fans or admission loses as many in one that they had in the prior 6.

Anyway our cameras left in 07' to louder cry's of parents inside a new administration meanwhile his grandson, the Justin Bieber look alike Matty Langone becomes terminally ill with a rare form of childhood cancer. If your familiar with this, I assure you are not familiar enough. During that time, after the season and following his grandson's passing, this new administration forces the man's resignation at his weakest moment.

And if we believe like stories exploding across the country of this "trophy" generation, the SuperIntendant got involved passed down the order to the 33 year old AD who rolled over and handed the job to the an unqualified former college peer of hers she attended Tufts University with. A biology teacher who was already working at the high school, easy, breezy Reggie something.

Coach Brinklow's 14 years of service are thrown out the collective window, we haven't won a Middlesex League title since, the gym is empty on game nights, the gym is cold on game nights and no one it appears cares one bit and i think it's because everyone is gone.

Coach Brinklow bounced out, Coach Smith heads home to NY, Coach Allen gone. Matty Langone gone, Mrs Brinklow too and the one guy and his loving wife that did so much for me as a student athlete and zilla head nut are dealing with the puncture this school committee indented late in their lives.

Never had a farewell tour, never a nod of thanks or gratitude, no hall of fame, no reminders within the school or it's corridors of the man's giant thumbprint he left on that gym, program and the town itself. It's shameful, and all involved should feel a twinge of that. What boggles me, is how, inside a town of Lexington, obsessed with rules and due process does process suddenly disappear? Look at those bleachers in this game, look at those bleachers, that's why I played basketball. It inspired me. And that's how it always was, why did they ever cut the stands in half? And I was fortunate it was still like it appears here when I played. 88 was especially electric. And I'd never be alone again, Coach Farias was right, Rollie what we called the basketball as kids was one friend that never left your side.

Coming in 2012, Where The Defense Began. The 2006-7 season in full documentary format and high definition.

And thanks to the mizzle, we diggen in those crates. enjoy.... By the way there is a Lloyd dunk in the first five minutes. And how sick was this 88 team? Smooth games all around, cool ass time. The M & M Brothers, all - in, and much love. Charlie Paradise PS: We do miss the 4th Q of this which arrived the best highlight of the game and as usual it came from the crowd. The BC High crowd tired of getting spanked on the court and in the chant war, which I was obsessed with hit us with, "we're going to College." Poking a cruel and slightly racist chant to off set the demolition. But the LHS students just rolled off the toungue, "we're getting scholarships" in thunders five claps. They were beaten, like Vadar says to Luke at the end of Empire. whoo Question: Can the M & M brothers come back and coach? Rocky 5 this bitch.

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