Saturday, February 25, 2012

03-03-1988 Mike Walker hits Sixty footer at the half Buzzer! Did It really go IN?

And there goes one of the all time shots in Lexington high home game history. Please just forward to the end of 32:30.

And what a great substitution by the Big Guy. You can see Mike Walker check in with under twenty seconds left in the half and Trevor Williams on the line. I remember being in the latrine directly after, halftime, the old boys bathroom, and hearing Charlie DeGoug's saying, "We'll be talking about that at our 20 year re-union!" To the guy next to him, I was eleven. It was awesome, but one of the great, great mystery's in life, did this shot actually go in?

Watch it, if you can, again and in slow motion. Did this ball actually go in or was it a gift from the ghosts of Lexington basketball's past?

Let us know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

No bout adoubt it, went in, was able to freeze it just above the rim. - UV

Anonymous said...

the ruling is in! Love it, thanks, almost an optical illusion watching it a couple times