Friday, February 10, 2012

Fri $ rally vs. EURO + What if Vince and Ocho were....

OK. We've already gotten some nose hair complaints, clippers in full effect. I first discovered nose hair clippers in Scully's dad medicines cabinet. And we quickly learned a true purpose for nose hair clippers. I could shave, easily, and refined, three stripes in my eye brow on top of the occassional "C" in the back of my flat top.

When my father went to the Barba as a kid, he said only two words for tern years, "flat top." Easy breezy. Also editors note. At ending, it's kids don't buy drugs.

Anyway, happy Friday it's the best, and if your unemployed there will be a shit ton of peeps to kick it with in about seven, eight hours, hang in there! We've all been there.

Crushing loss to the Lakers last night, I can't stress it. Big couple weeks coming up. And remember all jobs have three parts, setting up, doing and cleaning up. I never hit the trifecta. And much love to (burp) yes, facebook, the Lexington basketbal community is coming up, posting gem after gem of all photo's, we'll need them
CP PS: I've always dreamed that one day my bed where I sleep, had a roll over tunnel that connected me to a water slide into a body of water, wow.

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Matthew Doran said...

That water slide is genius. George Jetson style to wake up for work.