Saturday, February 04, 2012

First Friday Of The Month = US Job’s Report + Wars and Your Vote

An important piece before all Super Bowl! First off, strong jobs number this morning. 2nd, great news for the president, the best part about this number? The economy is on the mend. The comic relief is that no matter if it’s good or bad Republicans will say the same thing. They have to say the same thing. It’s the president’s fault if it’s bad and he has nothing to do with it if it’s good. This makes no sense. Politics for many is about money and power, and what certain factions of voters believe where the “best” direction for America may lay. Lost in all of this ridiculous rhetoric are the independents. God bless you. And they will decide this election. If you are still a Republican, and I was once a recovering one that abandoned it all with W you have to at some point try and get real facts from spins. National defense is not about more guns more aggression and intimidation. Remember the board game Stratego? It was my favorite, the game Risk running a close second / silver medal. Commander in Chief: in the hail of so many different decisions military strikes top the charts. You have to be cagey. Many conservatives will say defending America is the #1 responsibility of our government. I agree. And for the far right, it doesn’t matter, no matter what he does, it won’t ever be right, never be enough never the right call. I can’t say it enough, Iraq was a systemic failure in strategy from the very top from the very beg. The war ended, our kids are coming home. This is both smart and overdue. Mccain wanted to double down! Romney wants to invade Iran. And if you think Newt Gingrich is fit to take the reigns of the hardest job in the world, you’re an extremist. And that’s something deeper than policy and division on health care or the environment or Wall St regulation going on. Forget the economy for a second we’ll get to that anyway, invade Iran, double down in Iraq eyeball N. Korea. Invasion, this trumps all other discourse, all other discussion of policy, war and as a democrat now, yes, I still believe defense is the most important function of government. So don’t pin me as a pigeon feathered tree-hugging homosexual liberal. And for what it’s worth the second most important function of government is to make people’s lives better. Truth and answers lie always in history. And here in America we have a tendency to race to escape the past. The first Iraq (Kuwait) war was started over economics. Not a threat directly to the US. The first and extremely more qualified president than the later mess of a presidency his son strung together (see F) GHB got us into Iraq. I’m not sure what this accomplished. But let’s take it back further, the Vietnam War. And so much we know now about that war so many years later with the benefit of hindsight. Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican president got us involved in Vietnam. Before fear of terrorism there was fear of fascism. And what a disgrace Vietnam proved to be. Giving back so much of the glory of World War II, Vietnam divided and almost destroyed the country. History has proven it was the wrong war, we stayed too long and things improved drastically when we finally left a sovereign nation to it’s own course and calculation.
You know when I get in hot water yes it still occasionally happens these days I make excuses. And some are warranted and I make a convincing case! But the bottom line is I made for whatever the real reason proved to be, the wrong decision. And that’s fine, my decisions are contained to those closet to me in our family. And I understand Dwight Eisenhower was a 5 star general, he ushered in the glory of WWII which at the end of the day probably had allot more to do with a couple scientists under bleachers in the windy city one night then all of the sergeants, generals, grenades, guns, ships, Col, etc. And I get it, but anyone in America can run for president, and your elected because out of everyone in the country we believe when the pressure is on, I mean really on you are the best equipped person in the country to handle the huge decisions of which you are faced. What a bad war. And thankfully JFK that liberal from MA a war hero from Korea squeaked out a big win for America against a popular 2 term president’s vice, Richard Nixon. And JFK symbolized the 60’s. He was a president that scaled back operations in Vietnam. And at the time of his assassination had policy’s in place to effectively end our involvement in a conflict half way around the world that had nothing to do with us. And JFK was progressive! Vietnam made no sense. Yes he ordered the Bay of Pigs but also managed us out of the Cuban missle crisis. He wasn’t soft. He facilitated as president the civil right’s movement, which in a country like America with the birth defect of slavery didn’t sit so well in those rural Republican bastions. Listen, you never want to be on the side of an argument that history proves utterly ridiculous. And it’s the Jedi that get’s out in front of it. It’s in conflict with the status quo predicated purely on your biggest fears. Change is the only constant. Don’t be against gay rights. History will prove you wrong. And if you were against civil rights, so many were, you were wrong. Half a vote, half a man or how about women are inferior to men. You have to dare yourself to be progressive and don’t let the shackles of fear protect the impossible. And that is a world devoid of change. JFK got tough on the mob, tossed Jim Crow, all of these ruffled forces conspired to succeed in carrying out the crime of the century.
Abraham Lincoln ruffled some feathers and his brain was scrambled. He was a great man a great president. The status Quo does not want to be ruffled regardless of injustices surrounding them and their families. You can’t displace ten billion dollars of real labor back in the 1800’s or even today without someone being dropped. Lincoln was assassinated because he freed the slaves. That’s the reason. I surprised his whole cabinet wasn’t dropped. Remember the power of your vote and the sacrifices that took place not so long ago to afford us this unalienable right of our US birth. Question the answers! For that is what being an American is all about loved one. And JFK was gone and his vice came into power and Texas came back to haunt us again. Lyndon Johnson (Texas) reversed almost immediately the policies in place to begin US troop withdrawal in Vietnam. Next came Nixon he doubled down, sound familiar? Nixon was akin to W Bush most closely and only a sick puppy would get excited about that. The biggest commonality between W Bush and Nixon was a massive insecurity incidentally the very last thing you want in your commander in chief. Nixon needed constant affirmation that he was the man. That he delivered an outstanding speech on whatever. That he was doing a great job. And so much of this he got from a man forty years his junior, Kissinger. Bush was insecure, he reminded me at times of a 13 year old girl more than the president of the United States. Kissinger was deferred to just like Dick Cheney. I believe if Kissinger hadn’t escaped Nazi occupation only to return as a free American and witness first hand the death camps and genocide of his own people Vietnam would never have been the stubborn withdrawal it came to be. It was too personal not empirical enough just like Iraq and Bush. The similarities are striking. And I was always surprised there wasn’t more discourse on these parallels of failed American war policy. It hurts when so many young lives are lost and the reason isn’t clear. And the party at fault in both recent cases historically speaking were the Republicans. American’s were misled on both occasions manipulating the press and ultimately deceiving the people. Nixon just could not let go of Vietnam. And Kissinger as recently as this year still believes they should’ve never left. It was just about to break he says. There is a tendency with conservatives regarding foreign policy to attack. Play offense when dynasties are built on defense. Trading currencies the best lesson to learn is when to cut a losing trade and not surprisingly the best lessons learned come from losses. Here you can apply what you’ve learned so it won’t happen again. But people must realize, men are men and there is no greater consequence for our planet and life than war. And admissions in decisions like that do not come easy. Eisenhower, Nixon, they had Hitler, Bush and Cheney had Bin Laden and the stinging horror show that was the towers crumbling down. They both attacked the wrong countries, they both lied and profited from the losses of American lives however it’s worth mentioning Bush / Cheney and their Texas cronies far more than the prior mentioned administrations. They both lied to our faces. The point in all of this is that history is our compass. The point is that foreign policy now with the proliferation of nuclear weapons is more important than ever, the #1 issue, yes ahead of the economy. What good is that 500K in your 401K (stock market again beg to roar under Obama) if your not around to spend it. The point is that other hostile nations after Iran will 1 day have the capability to make a nuclear device. It’s how we handle this now that will protect us against future threats. Let us not act hasty. The Internet will continue to change everything for the better and as far as nuclear proliferation, the worst let’s not be naïve Kay. Bush emboldened Al Queda ballooned its numbers and never cut the head of the snake. President Obama cut down Bin Laden, ended the war and continues to mow down its affiliates. The right would’ve never seen Pakistan, history shows us a Republican would’ve doubled down in Iraq. Bin Laden would still be alive which is a direct link to greater odds of another attack on US soil. Attack Iran? It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. And the war mongers that still haven’t had enough after ten years of war and debt need to have their first amendment revoked. They will eventually figure it out. Please consider this when discussing your own political priorities you have with a candidate. One thing I’ve learned at my old age of 35 is that in order to discuss foreign policy you must have left America, a few times. Because if you haven’t you just don’t know. Your confided to TV, perceptions, familial influences that are not based on your own opinion nor absolute reality after seeing different things and cultures for your own. Your own hearts direction is the deciding factor not opinions from impassioned family members. Example, George W. Bush knew not the difference between a Sunni and a Shite in advance of the Iraq invasion. This is a big point in a huge country that has for the vinyl been around thousands of years longer than our dear United States. He did not. In fact he had never left the United States with the exception of a trip to Israel with his father a few years prior. That is unacceptable the world is flat and shrinking. He was the president and as far as Iraq on his watch, that is akin to the Italian cruise commander, the blunders, excuses laced with awful execution. And it changed the world as we knew it. I doubt Nixon had ever traveled to Vietnam and the same can probably be said of Dwight Eisenhower. I just think a good general rule should be to visit a country before you invade it. These are the wars that stand out in our recent American history. We are compelled to not forget and stake some sort of accountability. Too many lies, too many lives lost, too much money.
I believe both recent Republican war administrations highlight underlying fault lines with a party I believe will change dynamically and in ways never perceived over the course of the next 25 years. And in some ways it has, it’s just that people haven’t caught on, stuck in the 80’s, pinned to an ideology handed down by their grandfathers from a bygone era it’s tough to go against the grain. The status quo is comfortable and many, many are not willing to try and step out of their comfort zone which often can effectively change lives. So many get caught up on health care. War will always be the main issue. There has to be accountability both for president and party, and that’s the genesis of this thread. It is an election year, history is our compass, and safety of citizens is the government’s first priority. In all of this, during the 60’s and two thousand how odd it is that we make calculated errors costing young lives and trillions of dollars and move to cut city schools, teachers, music and our manufacturing base. It’s a shame and the exact opposite of what it means to be a proud American. I believe our president will explain this change, I believe Americans with an open mind will see this right wing agenda / ideology as outdated. And this brings me to the economy, and this is really where the President has an opportunity to drive a stake threw the ideas that led us down this dark road once and forever. George W. Bush was a myopic failure on every single level of government. He is a good man, just way behind the times carrying an intellect that was too weak to identify this. For Dick Cheney it’s easy to puppet ideas to the front man. He got rich, his people got rich. Companies he cared and invested in down in Texas got rich. So many Iraq contracts, so much money, Texas was happy, so far away from the bombs deriving from Sunni’s and Shite. The absolute last hornets nest to open up and start a war with. Checks and balances, crisis and crosses, an antidote here an obtuse confusing explanation there, you never knew what to believe. But know this, ultimately the president doesn’t have that much to do with the economy. When Bill Clinton in his 2nd term with no room for the right to off handily give credit to a past presidents policy’s for the current economy’s success presided over the biggest economic expansion in the history of our great country they said… A president has nothing to do with the economy. He’s just lucky the Internet came along in his term. That’s what they said. They wanted their golden tax cuts to support their biggest donors. And then when Obama inherited the great Recession and the economy didn’t snap back immediately after eight years of war and tax cuts (it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that equation fails) it’s his fault. You can’t have it both ways. But often this is about power and the status quo so whatever it takes it’s going to take. And besides who doesn’t want to be president, pretty cool. You do what you must do. Say what your base wants to hear, and switch up when that mood changes. But you cannot argue our president hasn’t had a hell of a first term. And yes, he’s black, in America, we built the worlds #1 economy on the back of slaves, so it’s a big deal. Lincoln was killed for freeing black slaves in America with a constitution guaranteeing equal rights for all.
Remember, never be on a side of an argument that will be a non issue in your lifetime. Dare to have foresight, go Obama, we must take it back further righting all past injustices of the last administration. It set us back, and the stakes are high. Today’s Solution. Take every incarcerated Crip and every Blood serving in Cali right now and enroll them in the military. Yes there would be some road bumps on the road initially but then again anything worth doing typically carries this caveat. It would change the nature of war, and crime especially for younger first or second time violent offenders. A second, third or last chance for others, it’s brilliant. Life is life and there are consequences for your behavior and despite popular opinion every kid doesn’t get a trophy. Lastly on right wing politics it’s a curious case this party that lately can’t get out of it’s own way, they begrudge Mitt Romney for his success in the private sector. Obviously this party needs to figure some things out here of chief concern, identity. War can sometimes be like gun control, if you don’t see it, if it has no impact on your day to day life whatsoever it’s easy to get your eye off the ball in the pro stance argument. Namely more war and more guns it’s important to identify political discussion and far another thing for it to be your identity. After all they are just issues. And we need to think long and hard, we need facts and an open mind. OK, I’m fried. Go Patriot’s!!! Happy Saturday morning my gorilla’s ! Go Patriot’s. GO, Lex, Go, GO, G-O Lex Go. Carl Eric Easton filling in for Charlie Paradise whose in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl with GQ from the Retar Crew And always, always remember, This is Bert Haley singing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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