Tuesday, February 14, 2012

F the Drama. The Retar Crew. Wash DC Show 3 days !!

This is a gem, Jackon murders his verse, he's the really white dude. A great track from an ill crew, my favorite is when JQ laments on his / 3rd verse, "Fuck running shoes" before asking, "why they gotta be so ugly?"

Stay tuned for our new website aimed at our hometown of Lexington MA. Also we'll have a Super Bowl Champ in the house Thursday, look for some footage of us all bowling at the white house Friday. With these assholes.

I'm hoping to make some major announcements by the end of the month regarding our basketball movie, and no m,atter what, it's still early people. Keep that energy high, make it a great fucking year, 2012, h-h-h-h-holl A!


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