Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Evening Edition. Wed. Gorilla . If You Fall Get Up.

A New Year.

The only option is to rally. Art is longer a choice. Take it all back. Know your team. Back up your work. If you fall get up. IN fact life might be how quickly you get up after being hit the hardest. If your punching walls still, your losing. Twenty four hours a day is allot. Practice makes permanent. I stopped drinking for the month of January however poolside in LA proved too much and I was derailed. Concurrently my computer back in DC melted. The blue screen of death.

Back up your work, the fact that my company and notes as a broker, the life line to my bottom line was not backed up on a national server was enough to relapse down, down, down the tubes. But I couldn't, it was a killer, but I I have to rally. And I will. A greater challenge. I snapped back quicker than I ever could have at any other point given the gravity of information lost. I have a movie to finish, a book to finish, GDD is bowling at the white house a week from Friday. The stories never stop and now I can film them from my phone. Where was twitter when Summer was fashioning lingerie, I often prayed for something like that back then.

I've envisioned how the high school hoops doc about Lexington basketball will unfold. And I'm excited to get this finished. And right a few wrongs along the way and give back like only GDD and the YG foundation does because after all, anyone can. That's not the question. I'll take wisdom over knowledge. I need to listen. And always be excited.

Chucky P vernacular. Cajun = hot cause frankly no one should be saying hot these days unless it's in reference to the weather. Vinyl replaces the record for official statements. Choppers are teeth and lettuce is hair. Just a few for tonight's evening edition. Please be on the lookout for our new segment google news, a quick, zillarific rundown of a pages worth of the latest google news with your host Mr. Paradise.

Also Rumor of the week. This is for the year actually, so far, but Khloe Kardashian is the bastard child of OJ Simpson hands down leads the wolves here. I hope it's true. Gorilla Dunk Song of the day. from Black Milk, so cajun. I need to freestyle to this sooner than later. OK, sooner. And our newer, newy segment entitled. The In Living Color Skit Of the Week. This is honor of my favorite show of all times glorious fall return to Network Television. So funny and packs a lesson at the end just like the best athletes somehow transcend, the best entertainment carries a lesson. C Ya'll manana. I miss Mendoza. $ / EURO. I expect the EURO continues to strengthen as long as it takes this Greek deal to get done. I mean obviously the markets do not care about deadlines as it relates to this Greek / EU bailout. And, and when it finally does get done, tomorrow, Friday, next week, whenever look for a classic buy the rumore sell the fact to take place. The EURO will shine that downside bias once it does finally get done. markets will digest and quickly be filled with an acute indigestion that will cause trades to vomit out these long positions. This will lead the single currency vulnerable to the downside. PPS: These two assholes pictured above are going to make a classic. Prop's to the Boston Mass Appeal team, Mizzle + the Jerk, c-ya'll a week from Friday as GDD reports live from Boston and Billerica and the lab, i.e video production studio where the majority of production on our first film project will take place. Thanks for following and being early, watch this go. Much love to the Gorilla family, those 60 hits a day hit like the chronic, and we are just getting started. Movie, Book, more YG Foundation events, Retar Crew's new album and new play! Othello, hip hop and Shakespeare, what we do. Stay tuned to the tighest underground family of gorillas free in the wild. 1

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