Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Behind the Scenes. Where The Defense Began

The good thing about America is you can fight and can create.

You can fight for the path your heart leads you down. And it's magic, don't get too down, sportscenter plug of the night, Plaxico still wants to fly, this time as a bird and not a plane. Those guys got so good at that shit.

Much love to the team and tomorrow, the Broadway play. After I'm done with this I'm a write a black updated Annie for Broadway and send the script to Jigga for Ivy Blue to lock in.

Speaking of the Lexington Basketball movie, it's been a cathartic adventure. And for us, this is keeping it real on an upteenth level. In a way it helped me overcome my own LHS Hoop dreams, Stretch busted his knee day 1 our best friend, starting forward died in April, we went 12-5, no league title after 3 straight and eight out of nine. It was n't suppossed to be us. We were suppossed to win a state title. We lost 13 feet in our starting court, still hashed out a 12-5 record. Prior to my senior year, I was 40-5 over two seasons. Anyway following these kids with a camera and clocking 300 + hours of footage was a unique experience. And re-connecting with my old mentor and coach was priceless. The nightmares are finally gone. Now if I can finish the book it all we finally be in context and with me in a good way. Some pics from the sessions.

We also went and tracked down TH and Sean both of whom were now seniors ironically still playing together at the college level @ Fitchburg State. And we had pizza with them afterwards (Papa Gino's bitches!) just like the old Alexanders days we spent with, high school for them, 30's for us. And it was the right place to be, incredible to see the transition from boy to man especially Seany. I remember when he was born. If ever a kikd grew up lexington basketball, he was that kid. Anyway it was senior night @ Fitchburg State. We got some end footage from our own movie, and Karen Sullivan had an awesome senior sign we took a picture of.

#22 forever Sixteen, Santo (94') Now I lay me down to sleep my boy is gone I'm here to weeep. When I'm taken, when I die, please lord just tell the fellas I said goodby. Cuz that's the word I long to hear, and why you took a young bright boy I'm still not clear. But love I will shit, still and forever, cuz things in life, well can only get better. In my heart you'll eternally reamin until we dance again in heavenly rain. Good night my lord amen, amen, don't know if I ever sleep again. I miss you Matt, already. 4/4/93 (after the 2nd wake) His jersey framed to this day, so many years ago...
And congratulations to Sean Sullivan and TH on a nice college career, I'm going to tell you what the Big Guy told me after 4 years of playing college basketball, not many kids can say they played at the next level. Feel Good about that, your games are strong and you've both come a long way. 1

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