Thursday, January 19, 2012

White House _IGGAS (POstell Pringle - Retar Crew Member)

GDD making a living on sharing the best youtubes under 1K views on the web. We'll change that here. PO member of the REtar Crew, Broadway stage actor, writer and MC. I heard this track in the Q brothers studio a year ago this week. During that session I hit them both with the classic track, "YWETLL" you won't eat that light bulb, the peer pressure joint. Anyway Postell, hit me with this, and I was proud, the great artists transcend. The best music comes from the worst times, economically speaking. Chuck the TV, and start your own thing, thanks POs, JO on the production, and long live Eddie Murphy from the 80's. and red, and blue leather coats, tight

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