Monday, January 09, 2012

Steelers Minus Justin Hartwig = O Super Bowl's

We've said it many times at GDD, but our personal friend of the dunk, Justin Hartwig isn't the center, the Steelers don't win it all. They really jumped the ball cutting the Wig, and rather than sign with Cininatti or Baltimore which would've been crazy he retired after 9 long seasons. Pouncey once again in his 2nd season is out for the biggest game of the year and once again there is an argument that center cost them. What an awful snap yesterday, I still maintain if they kept that line together, the Steelers beat Green Bay last year. Sorry Steeler nation with the Wig, you've been staring out a 3 peat, 1 of the rarest achievements in all of sports, especially in the parity driven, profit sharing NFL. And now your a fan the rest of the way, dam Pouncey next to Wig for 2 seasons to mold and train would've made all of the difference in the galaxy. And now with a defense that is suddenly very old and an O-line that needs to be gutted from the ground up, Ben's window is closing rapidly. Houston is on the come up, Pittsburgh now on the steady decline. Anyway here's to you J. Wig! We have your whole story on film, we'll get there. I'm just sorry for Steeelrs fans, kind of. Go Pat's.!
A Picture of Pouncey and the Wig, they remain friends.
And still the best Tebow of all-time...

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