Friday, January 27, 2012

Retar Crew new album Koalas In The Struggle out now! FREE! Plus East Coast Tour!


Originality son.

Download this free album. They will bring you back to hip hop if you fell and intro if you could never get over the Humpty (Shock G)

They made Koalas In The Struggle touring Australia performing their award winning play they wrote and starred in. Turning the Barb into a hip hop show, please check these guys out! They act, sing and rap but are most famous for turning Shakespear plays into modern day hip hop performance classics! So smart , guy. 1st things first, I'm Chucky, lace all the honey, hold up ! The mutha fucking Retar Crew. handle it. Playwright's, Movies! TV, CD's, packed show's, world travel, originality, owned, yes, it's fair to say these guys are legends. !

Figure out what you love to do, figure out how to make money doing it, and you'll never work another day. And on my radar, JQ and GQ featured both in this promo w / trusty sidekick Jax never have. And for that I sweat the slave spirit forthright. The thing is these guys have talent, born that way, it just happened to break like that. But Jedi finds Jedi and that is why we bring that thing, that cajun colloquialism as capatalists dressed in a little red UNLV hood. So keep it down and holla at the many foundations secured to enable flight :) Wurd.

Check the cities, NYC, Providence, Boston, CT and my beloved DC. These guys are so large that despite being Retar's we have the White House Bowling alley reserved from 3-5PM. How crazy is that? Life boils down to who you know, and confidence defines what you bring to the table.

Check out below Vid's. And download the new album, track 1 is silly, the Vince Coleman of all LP tracks w/ a Ghostface nod nestled inside for the independants.

Bowling at the White House? Wow and dam not bad for a kid that was not allowed on the Junior high Trip to Washington DC for what they called, acute personality disorder, holla. Become a fan, these guys will bring you happiness, da nada.

This is a true 2 threw hip hop crew, Chi town stand up, the art is missing so like the economy soon, they bring it back. If your not a hip hop head and new to this site, watch the below first. But if your done with the rap game, peep the 1 below, Daddy issues. And shine for you glow, ho!


Beats, words, production in house, original, give yourself, you will be glad you did.

Promo for their Shakespeare magic. There latest Funk It Up about Nothen. (Smash hit) here's the Promo along with same live action for free ! If you saw this live you'd feel like you were straight from the Fridge Daddy'O. LIVE ACTION FROM THEIR PLAY. Also be warned they are writing othello into the Hip Hop format and debuting it was the only American representation at the Summer Olympic's in London. At an outdoor and scaled true model of the original Shakespear theatre. Wow, wow, wow, these are our friends LOVE JQ WITH THE RED VEST AND HAT IS MY HERO. SINCE 96 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hit us up get involved. And check out the Retar Crew get at them for information regarding their crazy East Coast Tour coming to the mutha fucking East Coast. 1 more. Remix from the The Funk My Best Friends

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