Thursday, January 05, 2012

Perfect Strangers, Tooth & Heartache, Episode #76, Tribute to the Dentist (For Pops)

OK, so I had a dentist visit today. A cavity which coupled with the Turks means our little DC office is down at the dentist regularly. Omer claims it's genetic, and judging by his sharp dress and analysis I think he may have a point. His choppers are so bad they might as well be wooden, although you'd never tell. The Turkish Tom Cruise, hey he's on TV, he's literally the best thing in the little boutique for foreign currency payments we run on a Penn Ave in DC, but the entire firm nationwide. Anyway, I'd usually take the genetic argument as a cop out because you didn't like the gross mouthwash and the flossing. You took short cuts. The flossing, the everything. I ran a Willy Wonka empire in Junior High, I've always had cavities, I'm so old my cavities get cavities now. And man, whoo, the dentist. I never really mind the dentist, and thoroughly enjoyed having my wisdom teeth out. Big shout's to Dr. Caldwell in Lexington, much love for the generous dose of laughing gas, sensational time! But my father and the late great even though she's still alive, Summer crush, hate repeat hate going to the dentist. My dad ran away from home when he was a kid once, why? He was scared as shit of the dentist, the dreaded drill. And that's the Phil Collins (Genesis) of this thread. So my dad and I are eating pizza kicking it in the 80's watching Perfect Strangers and caught an episode that floored us to the point was joke about it to this day. I'll guarantee when my dad see's this, the old man is going to crack up. And for the record, for my father and I it was the drill thing, classic!@ And for many the fears persist. My dentist an Iranian Jewish man for the record who runs a joint that looks straight out of the late 70's in the basement of my building, the Turk's recomended, he's great. Anyway in the middle of an ADD moment I called him and asked if I wasn't suppossed to be eating anything a few hours prior. He laughed, like Oh Steamer, that's the best part of the lobster, that's the tomale! But explained you always eat before the dentist and pleasantly with tender care of tone suggested I also grab a nice snack right before. He told me dentists prefer everyone on a full stomach,explaining that their is a natural anxiety for humans visiting dentists. And often they are unaware of it. I took this to mean if you puke best for the dentist to deal with a dry heave. MEANING = people historically have and without warning puked at dental visits because it's a horror show. IN any event, during my wonderful and pain free almost joyous visit of getTing my cavity plugged (THAT SOUNDED HORRIBLE) I couldn't help but remember watching tHis episode with my dad so many moons since passed. And due to the miracle of youtube I dug in those crates as the record hunters used to say and uncorked this gem. I like to think we specialize in sharing youtube postings that received under 1K views, it's our whole philosophy! The other dope aspect of Perfect Strangers is that it doubled as a celebration of Chicago. And here's is Gorrilladunkdaily's tribute to the dentist, big shout out's to Dr. Carolyn Coppe. My next store neighbor and little / big sister next store. We literally talked about her being a dentist since the Junior High, and me being what I liked to call a businessman, hahaha, loved that shit.
And dad watch, I found it, could it be???? THE DRILL! Just in case you were a fan of the 80's romp, I've attached the exciting conclusion with our hero's Coursen Larry and Bhalki go straight Lavern and Shirly making this 1 memorable trip the the dreaded dentist. Music. Gorilla Dunk Friday - Feel Good Video of the week. The piano riff here makes me a little crazy. R & B Song of the Week: Not Jodeci, not KC & Jo-Jo jus Joe. THis jam, Joe pretty much shuts down all here, Ne-Yo, CHris Brown, i mean Luther wouldn't get gangster like this so he's in a different category at his own hall of fame. But i like to think of Joe as a nice bridge between the classic, tasteful R & B I grew up with and the gangster rap world R & B became, it's ridiculous and ripe for parody. When today's soul singers muse vocally about dusting off their glock before the champagne bar I struggle to keep a straight face. But this right here, if you can survive the first 1 minute hit's it a long way over the center field wall. In any event a true classic from a cagey veteran, Joe incorporates it all in one false sweep thirty years in the game, holla. A white person could not make this track. OK, this track has brought me back to R & B, dam, i can't find the Omer Esiner video on Candian TV talking up the US dollar. I want to prove his teeth are really not wooden, I'll dig it tomorrow at work and include it in an article entitled, This is the Guy you start your Office With in DC. For now, let Joe, get Calgone on you. Last NOte: Lexington Basketball, apparently they have the taller front court than most D3 colleges, 9-9, 6-6, 6-4, wow. Coach Farias had spoke of this 8th grade class frequently during our year documenting the 06-07 season. It was the next great class and in the lore of Lexington basketball it was always about the now and then the next. And their was always the next, it was the program, and that's what made the selection process such bullshit. A rigged election in a transparent town, how do you explain that? This team should go to Salem, we'll see. And as for our project and upcoming movie after spending the fall sharing with all of you one mix after another, essentially bringing you on board for much of the first waves, we're going underground. It will be classic, and be sure to check out gorilladunkdaily for updates on Where Defense Began. A year on the road with Coach Farias and the Lexington Minuteman, what a team we had on the court, and with our gorilla dunk team, big shout's to Mizzle, Jimmy, and my partner Keebs. This is a big part of my 2012 excitement. And there are many others, here at the Gorilla we're making more strides to keep it positive. As we believe the economy has turned around and the re-election Barack O'bama is absolutely nec to keep the economic recovery on track, but most importantly all American safe. We had a great weekly jobs # today which bodes well for tomorrows monthly non-farm payrolls #. We're expecting 150K new jobs and a slight drop in the UR. The dollar is at a 15 month high against the EURO as opposed to the record law it traded at during the long last summer of George Bush asleep at the wheel dragging his feet to the exit. War's, defecit, banking crisis, Osamma on the loose. Obama won the election because he acted as if, yup, sales 101, he basically on W's mailing in a his last months took over running the country and began fielding all the most important meetings, Middle East, the Fed, Unions, Pentagon, it's crazy,he's a winner, Chicago is full of them. Retar Crew coming to DC, Thursday April 17th, Velvet Lounge, after party details to follow. It's a big election year, and GDD is HQ's in DC, so let's o0n that. Work hard. PS: My business partner and Chief Market Analyst, ladies and gentlemen Omer Esiner. See the teeth, the choopers are money doll. I'd do business with this guy. Keep banging it out homy

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