Sunday, January 01, 2012

Patriots 6th, and 7th Quarter Live With Charlie Paradise!!

Editors Note / Clarification: In 1997 CE Easton with the help of his long time mentor (Bobby Reardon) and baby brother to Frank Reardon, featured in our Legend (e) segment this past year for ill commercial actually got the ear of Steve Nelson for an idea of mine back in the day. Steve Nelson Super Bowl appearance (1985). became the football coach of the college where CEE was playing college basketball. And they pitched him a CEE original idea. "Foxborough's Last Kick." On that last famous last play of the old stadium we wanted to freeze time as Adam V's foot connects, the O line surges and the defense leaps! And freeze that moment and make it a Snow globe and call it that. And Steve Nelson said, "that's a great idea." And an attorney friend of mine had warned me what might happen, did. Jonathan Kraft ran with the idea, whatever NFL patents are a bitch. I should've went Too-$hort tapes out the trunk and made Chinese rip's with no licensing that I sold with a Street team on home games.
And follow below the 7th Q. Chucky P. cont. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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