Monday, January 09, 2012

Old Town Sat + Sunday Brunch. VA, Holla!

Happy Monday GorillaDunk! I'm your host Charlie Paradise and I have not had a drop of beer and or other alcohol infused concoction in 2012. This is something to be proud og. Dam, I've seen the sauce wreack havoc in my own family and that of the crew. Tonight GDD will be covering the Hoyas again in DC for a 9PM tip off. In seeing as it was 60 degree's and Saturday and seeing as part of being married is doing stuff with your wife, we decided to head straight to charm city, no not Baltimore (people actually refer to it as that) but to King Street and Old Town Virginia. I'd move there in a heart beat, I know mr. Wrinkles would be very pleased. having survived a multitude of surgeries, life scares and a como to boot, I need chill, city may not be our thing much longer. I need a quiet oasis, a retreat if you will, free to breath without panic and write. Yes, again people thought blacks were lazy in the 90's riots, but you try going back 15 city blocks for matching end tables to go with the couch you just ganked?! Lazy? Sorry, I had to say that, sometimes things just spill out. Lazy we are not, juggling, a book, two documenteries, a job slanging foreign currency, this blog, a book and a rap career that can never seem to get off the ground, lazy we are not. You have to be crazy to cold call for a living and make big bucks. Ok, so old Town, dam, right down the street, everything a brother like me that pines for times on a clock peeled back yearns for. Vintage hats, vintagw ice cream, vin tagecars, and white people, lot's and lot's of white people dialing it up. But that's OK, I no longer hate white people, that was a teenage thing, now I'm happy to co-exist. And Summer Crush, woo, woo! Just gorilladunked a vintage lid that sparkled her shine, and left a jaw, locked, so button. We stumbled into a candy shop and I wondered outloud, why did I ever jump rackets? This place was the Willy Wonka Lab, Orange Crush Soda Twizzlers is all you have to say. And the malt Balls, check these flavors, phone Willy, we're alive, we're alive. I sweat Hershey Pennslyvania. And another great hair salon sign, signs a new GDD piece, I might have to rock that song, signs, signs, everywhere their signs! So early 90's so Beth and Dana, gotta love it. And the Saint's crushed, I see them crushing the 49 ers, love em @ 3 and a hook. And Sunday brunch, back in Arlington, with the boys Jackson and Pete from the earlier babysitting joint. And although Old Town's charm is of the swagger for charm charts, Arlington is the best, PLeasentville. It took me five years just to see DC, I couldn't leave Arlington, I never wanted to, I was happy, and that was lame. Plus I worked downtown I thought that was DC. It's like Phil from the wheat used to say to me years later after the first rounds with Chi, "C-Rat, i think you spent a little too much bridge down there in the loop around the Board. Oh yeah, I did, and nothing good was ever going on past 1:15 PM, repeat PM during those hours. Oh the floor, the floor, the floor, the floor, so romantic. And it's been officially gone for years now. And that's when we bring Hatty in to write that one with, and that won will be our first Gorilladunkdaily screen write from our soon to annouced expanded arm, gorilla dunk productions. This screen write will be bizerk. In other news, the Lexington basketball documentary, "Where Defense Began conjoins for 5 day studio session, straight bruh in Feb at unknown locations. Suffice to say, this film, a feature length documentary entitled, "Where Defense Began" is the most exciting thing we got. And we're back logged from there for about the next five years. And they will be the best. Coach Farias is a man few knew that everyone was curious about. And he is to this day the funniest guy I know. And that was our thing, when I was a member of his ACE program that's what I learned. Comedy is timing, he'd always say that. It took my comedy to new heights and unlocked doors. And this film will grab you, for all basketball fans esp. Mass. A true legend, and because of our efforts many will come to know and respect. I'm grateful for the green light then and I'm grateful for what we captured now. Winning does not happen by itself. Old Town Pic's. Hair Salon Sign of the year, so far.
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