Friday, January 06, 2012

Miracle Or Meltdown?

Miracle Or Melt Down? I tell you , that’s what my name would’ve been on the back of my jersey if I played in the now defunct XFL. I loved that league and won a 1 thousand dollar pool at the old Ruesch International, I picked the LA Galaxy 2 win and they did. I also won March madness that year. R.I.P. Otto Ruesch. I'll never forget I was handed the job on Friday in Boston, the only thing was the bean back then was getting the best of me and a brother had to break! I spoke with my then director Mike Alyward who still handles finances for the gorrilladunkfamily and opted for less money to take a job at HQ's, in Washington DC and operations. Mike Alward explained down in DC, I'd see Mr. Ruesch everyday, and be in the eye of the storm meant for faster advancement for the no weary war seeker. It's was like in the Star Wars Books, (Heir To The Empire, Dark Force Rising, etc.) eager young officers flocked for a chance of Vadar's Super Star Destroyer. They knew Vadar was clipping people on the regular, positions opened up, and if you were good, he would sense it. Just don't choke. Anyway that's kind of what this was like, the little Swiss German FX machine had built himself an empire in 20 years, and lived in a house that looked more like Union Station. I was awful in operations and after months of begging everyone including Mr. Ruesch who pretty quickly started to get a kick out of me, in less than a year put me on the phones, and the rest as they say is present. So much we don’t know about each other. I can tell you one thing, being Charlie Paradise is a miracle and a melt down, without my higher up’s in Gorriladunkdaily, well, I’m grateful. So on to miracles because it was a great week in America, despite what anybody says. First and football it’s NFL playoff’s baby, nah, I’m just fucking with you. What we need from the blogosphere world is a middle ground on these types of endeavors. We felt a sort of publishing low when we posted Veronica doing the Tebow nude but it was a great seller that raced up the charts quick and furious. So a great week in these amazing yet complex times football will always be a great sidekick. The biggest story today was the jobs #, the first Friday of every month people. And it’s a big one. It can certainly make the currency jump so I’m in the office early just like on a crop report day back at the old Chicago Board of Trade. “Yo, O, what’s the number yo?” Crisp, immediate, he stands, smiles and responds, “great number Carl.” If your not rooting for the economy + you’re an American citizen you should be jailed. Right next to the guys who ran the banks and investment houses. You have to make an example, but we didn’t. I mean if every kids get’s a trophy why stop there? It's not the kids giving themselves trophy's for waking up. What the fuck are we doing in this country? We should start paying people to immigrate. The quote of the day from the political spectrum came from the pilgrim himself and surging Rick Santorum. Who suggested the 200K jobs in December and the upward revision in November was because of the belief on behalf of businesses of a looming Republican victory. That’s today’s outer space ball of the day. Matched only by the psychologists that came up Friday to assure we, the American public that there is in fact nothing wrong at all bringing the dead fetus of your child to share with the sisters and bro’s. According to these experts in their fields, this was completely natural. Listen, it’s go time now in the Republican Primary’s. The circus is just getting off the rust! We will see an escalation of idiosyncrasy behavior, alarming accusations, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Rick Santorum plans on, aw man, I can’t even type it, hahaha, hey! This is still a family paper, barely. What about Bob? What about Charlie Paradise? Kicking it, the truth is I have no idea who might come out on that side. But know this the economy is coming and is going to come back anyway so I’d hate to see Barack, who I think has had an extremely underrated first term not get credit for it. The man is a gamer and picked the shit up, all in his hands, clayed it together and started building back up the castle made of shit again. At least we’re standing, Al-Queda, was mowed down when Barack got controls of that shit. Who ever said a brother was soft on self-defense, they all did. The Tea Party is crazy, money breeds fear. Anyway this unemployment # was the 6th positive # in a row, and we could be coming into a “Virtuous cycle” an amazing part of the eventual overall recovery. I'll let you know. It’s a matter of timing. And when it comes back, it ‘s going to be the biggest bull market this world has ever seen. And if history has taught us any lessons, god helps us. Slow and steady, this is not a trait for us, let cool hand Luke finished what he inherited, what he started. And it was 60 degrees and sunny today in DC. I sat in the park with the Turk’s and we all ordered a Fidel from the Cuban truck. Tasty stuff, the fresh Pork Saygin assured us was the key. Note to people on the fence onf starting a food truck in DC, akin to buying Yahoo @ $300 a share, missed it, by a mile sport. However the market remains robust for the solid players with a foot firmly sketched in. I enjoy the food trucks, capitalism and I reflect on it as it enters yet another golden era. Buckle up because it’s going to start coming fast. The pie is being splintered and specialized in so many areas at once, do not sleep on America, ever, ever, ever. The free flow of free information is just starting to crackle, ignite and fly us the fuck out of here. And that’s Cajun, a term I came up with in 2005 hanging out @ Ragtime in Arlington VA. A substitute for dope, it caught like Chantilly. So the dollar rallied, it feels like LA in VA in Jan. Happy Friday my gorilla’s, be sure to follow daily and join us next week for the MLK weekend as we go west coast and hit the sands of LA and Southern California. Mark Lavalle, I’m coming to Malibu with you to peep Habana café, holla ! Our first restaurant in the gorilla family, Habana (Malibu). We're the blog with the peice of the dope joint in Malibu, OK, you hear that, Malibu not Malden MA, Malibu CA. Mark lavalle, and Matty Doran, class of 92, and 91 respectively coming with features soon in our on going Lexington Legedns(e) piece. AND LASTLY FOR THE RP, IT'S ALL ABOUT South Carolina, these things caN CHANGE SO FAST ON A DIME, GOOD THE ADD, ELECTION YEAR, HOLLA AT YOUR RIGHT, THE BLOOD OF MANY HEARTS ON THAT BALLOT, SO PUNCH YOUR TICKET. AND LASTLY, GorillaDunk R & B Video of the early 90's. And R.I.P. Heavy D he discovered, Jodecxi, dam, and since we were hyping Joe and his shut down solo track, it got us thinking back to R & B and naturally Jodeci, which happened to swing our favorite R & B track of the early 90's, still get's me up, fienen baby, you got my fiened. CP

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