Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Lemonade with Just 1 Line On The Saprono's + JetPacks !

Life boils down to what you make of it. This is a clear case of lemonade from our old friend Dragon whom you should remember from his Board Empire JZ parody last month on GDD. As original bombitty, we love this dude , a tentacle from our favorite retar's, the Retar Crew.

I remember talking with Wig about following him around with cameras, why? Fist question always. What's interesting about this? Well, catching lightning in a bottle is one thing, but the other thing is your in the NFL. You our a potential business for allot of things based solely off that. And he understood that, every kid lucky enough to play game in the show realizes that. it's what you make of it. One Line on the Saprono's, who cares? I'm going to go Snoop on em, and go get another couple thousand fans for this! I'll have to drop a Scratch and Burn, those throwbacks with these guys make me giddy.

Retar Crew: East Coast Tour Update: I'll I know is that I've been invited to the White House with them to bowl! That's why I posted allo of those Obama bowling pic's It's a Chicago white house, actually J. Wig is coming down from Pitt for the show with cameras, hahaha! It takes 1 to know one.

They are doing a radio gig and will prob be in DC that Thursday, Feb 18th, i think, stay glued. GDD will be following them to Annapolis the next day Friday, and flying back to the film studio for 4 day edit session on Hoops doc. Yes. ! Anyway, Dragon is when of JK's favorites ever, how good is this guy, great video !

Pat's tomorrow, the no drinking in January is in serious jeopardy,. it feels like Christmas, again, thanks Bob Kraft, Bilkl, TB and every soul on that 53 MAN Roster.

This cracks me up, coming from Matty Doran of Strike It Rich fame (MASS scratch tickets from back in the day) and our friends at Revved Up! This action figure ala Super Troop (James Driscoll's favotire all time mobie. Fam, PGA card 2012, holla!) is a great series. Thanks mr. Doran for the pull. Jet Packs Mutha Fucka's :)!!! we're ready, since the 50's :)

Here's Gem from Dragon's first show, MTV back in the day with the boys. I saw them from the very ground up, they wrote and starred in all these different sketches. JQ on the beats, shocked it was canceled actually take that back, it was so good I'm surprised it was ever green lighted.

And lastly, I bring you, THE BEST SCENE IN BRONX TALE. I ran into this from beg. on treadmill this afternoon, it mitigated a very long time for me to be on that thing. Anyway this scene got me sprinting. And have a night, rest early, heads up, eyes open for kickoff, tomorrow @ 3PM, wow, the New EnglaND PATRIOT'S @ HOME, for the AFC Championship, again. Sleeper call of the day, #85 gets a chance to make a big play, and delivers, for his pop.

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