Friday, January 20, 2012

The Long Game – President Obama plays chess while Republicans play Checkers. Why He Wins.

Republicans carry this notion that you don’t have to be that smart to hold the office of President Of The United States. You just need the name or come from Hollywood intelligence is not what counts. You have to be able to sell our agenda which sitting at the top is cutting taxes. Do it yourself is big, limited government huge and above all protect the people. With the rapid acceleration and changing face in dire times in the US this important becomes even more important than his first. If John McCain wins which remarkably after the shit show of Bush II, the ruining of our economy, and blowing of the massive surplus he inherited, McCain and Palin almost did! What do you ascertain from that? My dad in hindsight now refers to Bill Clinton as the greatest Republican president there ever was! He says this even though he voted for both Bush and Dole. I voted for Dole, I was young and uneducated. I was spoon fed 80’s finance books, and felt if you wanted to play the part to one-day become rich, you voted Republican. Even though the books when truly evaluated were tragedies, I didn’t see them like that. Wall St. the movie was about seduction, greed and doing the wrong thing. I do what I do today because of that film, so doesn’t my Turkish partner Omer Esiner. And much like us many kids today manning the phones in NYC at say the Royal Bank Of Canada were inspired the same way from the flick, Boiler Room. These are movies about theft and crime, and through a young mans lenses can be taken completely out of context.
Politics is too personal, and not empirical enough by any measure. The single most important thing they can do in the heavy weight 4 or 5 presidential debates is fact check. Each and every time they make a claim or cite a statistic the moderator pauses and they conduct official government statistics rather than say, private independent studies taken by a lobbying group on behalf of a specific candidate / issue. I remember being on a huge back yard in Annapolis with a wonderful family feasting on summer blue crab from their own traps. And the grandmother said to me, that’s what my father said to me, no matter what, you always, always vote Republican. Back to my dad a warm hearted and brilliant man by any educational standards, he doesn’t believe in guns, is not a Christian zealot, doesn’t care for pro life, his biggest thing was Obamacare. Because after all, as he explained it to me, “he’ll look out for his own people.” It’s a funny comment that echoed into minds recollection earlier today on the bus to downtown Washington DC. Not only is that not the case, it’s beyond partisan. And it got me thinking; maybe that’s what the Republicans do. They are elected in office to look after their own. And you thought we were all Americans. I’ve said for months that the Republican Party is outdated, its time has passed, and slowly as a country we’ll recognize this truth. And follow in prevailing ideologies will they. 1 of the best moves Barack did recently was move to shrink the size of government he himself believes it is too big. I just have a hard time with a fact checker present and all to see how any right wing candidate can attack the man.
Think about this: Bush chose to ignore Osama Bin Laden, his eyes swelled on Iraq and I believe to a lesser degree, Iran, the mother load as Cheney famously referred to it’s oil reserves. Fuck oil. Green initiatives are w / out a doubt all about national security. Barack made good on his campaign promise to end the Iraq war in the timeframe he first identified. He hunted Osama rather than ignore the true man responsible for the loss of American lives that fateful day. And when presented with 3 scenarios he, as commander in chief chose the riskiest play. And not only that he did this against the advice of his sec. of defense and his vice president which in the latter administration made all the calls. And, and, in addition he ordered two extra helicopters that Seals said were essential to the capture and killing of public enemy #1. Barack cut off the head and diffused the situation. Bush missed the mark, killed Americans, thousands and swelled the ranks of Al-Queda. Obama mowed down the ranks, and decimated their spirit and ranks. If Bush had done that that he’d be on Mount Rushmore. Double standards exist and I still believe with the birth defect of slavery in this nation, and segregation a generation ago and the civil war just two before that, well, the hate, raw hate he receives is a race thing. People see what they want to see, and if they don’t believe it they’ve probably never been told they can’t eat in a restaurant because the color of his skin. Never have a father in law not believe in you, can’t co sign because of the color of your skin and in spirit of MLK day, not , “the content of your character!” I mean really who wants to see the black man come to the rescue and save the whole country on his back, against all odd’s in America! All the while inheriting the biggest shit show this side of the #2 canal. There’s millions of elderly people that still use the term colored, those were the times. But the truth is, Barack didn’t want to help his people with health care. It was business, costs were skyrocketing enough that a long term trend was firmly in place. It was unsustainable so he took a risk where Carter, Clinton, Roosevelt had failed. And he got it done. Mr. Cool, we picked him to be cool under pressure. After all these are the times that we live. Bush got emotional with Iraq, it’s hard not to. Dick Chaney was probably egging him on the whole time after 9/11, walking past him and whispering, “let’s fucking start bombing people. What’s wrong with you, faster!” So it’s a big election. For him to not have the opportunity to finish what he started would be worse than having never been elected in the first place. So tune in, head up eyes open, here we go. He’s a good horse to back, and these Republicans are so all over the place it hardly builds any faith of playing their hand well, overall, if elected. Did Newt Gingrich really just b get a boost in South Carolina after the Palin endorsement? And a guarantee of a job in the administration. She was probably like, sit this one out, let these guys melt down and lose. I’ll take on old ass Joe Biden by then. But it’s not cast in stone. The funny thing is, and republicans I’m speaking to you as a recovering 1, Barack actual held Bush tax cuts and place, and then lowered even more, the middle class receiving the bulk of these cuts. Wall St, the culprit in this which makes you want to occupy something has been reformed. But it’ll happen again, it always does. And they are doing fine, stock market close to an all time high. Economy is growing again, can’t go backwards. Much love to independents, the heart and soul and new DM’s of American presidential campaigns. CP Chicago, cool. Yeah these guys know what they are doing. PS: Retar Crew, JQ, in DC Feb 17th for a show, they'll be making a radio appearance in DC as well and GDD will be accompanying to bowl at the white house. After all it's a Chicago white house and that's our sister city.

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