Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Sunday. Live from LA, Pat's Strike Tebow's Clock @ Midnight!. Stay Gold Pony Boy

Good Morning Gorilla's! Missing last night's publication time due to time zone adjustments coupled with a couple hundred beers, we're here up early in Rose Bowl Country. And yes, did I sleep well last night. I tweeted directly after Brady's first and only pick and subsequent Bronco touchdown I was stressing @ all. In fact I tweeted, not stressing at all, Pat's are going to kill these dudes and get deep up in their collective cavity. Or something like that, that was primal. My confidence was unshakable, and @ 14-7 it was easy to be. Our playoff drought is over and today at GDD we live by two words, Go Texans. Although the romantic in me loves the idea of a Raven's at Gillette revenge game from 2 years ago where Ray Rice looked like Kevin Nolan, his senior year @ Watertown, the Patriot's somehow forgot how to tackle. Truth is, Tebow blows, the Steelers were SO banged up, Ryan Clarke, Troy was ailing Brett Keisel went down, Pouncey was out, Mendenhall, also Ben was @ 65%. Conversely the Patriot's getting healthier, we got Matt Light back, we got Spikes back, Chung back, Brady healthy, and these tight end's. Yes I'm going to do a love song / rap to these two, they are the best TE tandem in the history of the NFL, make no mistake about it. Gronk and Hernandez, already are the greatest TE tandem to ever play. Half country half rock and roll baby, OK, that could be the track, holla. Gronk has been teleported from the collisuem of ancient Gladiator times. OK, the sun is poking through in LA, truly Lala land. Summer was here for a TV critics , new line up conference on behalf of National Geographic. And while this Gorilla is Boston blood on the DC tip, I gotta believe are HQ's down the line will be in LA. It's not real out here, life, I'm down with that against the back drop of so much pain and suffering that's really out there. Celebrity spotting at our hotel included, Javier Barden and Penolepe Cruz who I swear was staring me down as her husband eye balled summer crush. We had Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Mario Lopez who i walked into on accident, and of course Ralph Machhio whom summer met with personally doing some PR for a new show he is producing for some reason called American Gypsies. Everyone knows the man as the Karate Kid, but to me, he'll always be Johnny, sigh, the outsiders. I also kicked it for most of the night with the amazing PR, DC Natgeo squad, great looking set of people. My new best friend I met out in LA. The Montana mountain man with his own show and pet Grizzly bear on the christian the Lion tip kicked it all the way through with the team. Happy hour, dinner, night cap, I love this dude and will push his shit a little Gorilla sprinkling on an already fascinating life the man has strewn together. Today I'm headed with GDD to the horse races in Pasadena which came in over lunch in Hollywood. Big football on today, remember to short the Bronco's in the early futures trading next summer, they will be pinned around 10 wins, not going to happen. Take em a G large @ 10, they'll come in 8-8, lightning you 2 G's all the wealthier, your welcome. OK, the 49'ers, well Defense and home field, I got kicked on that play, Saint's almost got it done, but what a game, what a sport, what a league, amazing day. I love LA. Here are some pic's and video's over the last couple of days. The white house is the Father Of the Bride House, the Orange tree, i just had to. How can you not love an Orange Tree in your front yard, freshly squeezed for the Champagne. We tend to go overboard in general here at GDD. Listen this is what makes America the country of the world. OK, when the Norwegians immigrated, they, like made their way west, and they stopped in Minnesota, thinking, hmm, this feels about right. And for the Sicilians, yeah, southern LA, was the best, climate and vegetation just like in the old country. I can't say enough about say, an Avacado tree out back, love it.
Here's Casey Anderson my new favorite dude, great kicking it homy. Peep this show, crazy! THE MAN'S BEST MAN IN WEDDING WAS A GRIZZLY BEAR, WHAT? I'm going to get Chantilly Laced with the real Montana tour, ah doomz ! And in the spirit of animal awareness in a Casey, Brutus shout out I've decided to post some information about, yup, you guessed it, the Gorilla, forilla, holla ! 1.Gorillas are the largest living primates - the family of animals that includes monkeys, apes and humans. A mature male gorilla can be over 6 feet tall and weigh 300 to 500 pounds. He can spread his arms 8 feet across and is as strong as 4 to 8 strong men. Adult female gorillas are about half the size of the males. 2. Like humans, gorillas have two legs and two arms, 10 fingers and 10 toes, small ears on the side of the head, forward-looking eyes and 32 teeth. Unlike us, their arms are longer and more muscular than their legs, and their big toes look like thumbs. Their bodies are covered by thick dark hair, except on the face, chest, underarms, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. An adult male gorillas becomes a "silverback" at about age 15 when he is full grown and the hair on his back turns silvery-gray. 3. Gorillas normally walk by putting their feet flat and walking on the knuckles of their hands. They can stand upright, but they don't do it very often. When they do, it is often to "chestslap." Gorillas do not beat their chests with their fists but with open cupped hands, making the familiar loud sound which can indicate aggression or excitement. 4. Gorillas can live more than 50 years. Newborn gorillas are very small, weighing only about 4 1/2 pounds. They are helpless at birth and depend on their mothers for at least 3 years, and they usually stay in their family group as they grow up. Females mature at 10 to 12 years and males at 11 to 13 years. Young gorillas must learn from their group how to find food, make nests, take care of babies and get along with other gorillas. 5. Gorillas communicate with each other by using gestures, body postures, facial expressions, vocal sounds, chestslaps, drumming and odors. Although they cannot make the sounds of human speech, gorillas are capable of understanding spoken languages and they can learn to communicate in sign language. 6. Gorillas are very intelligent, and they share with us a full range of emotions: love, hate, fear, grief, joy, greed, generosity, pride, shame, empathy, and jealousy. They laugh when they are tickled and cry when they are sad or hurt. Gorillas cry with sounds, not tears. 7. A typical gorilla family includes one silverback, the strongest male and the undisputed leader; one immature male between 8 and 13 years old; three or four adult females, who ordinarily stay with the silverback for life; and three to six youngsters under 8 years old. Some groups are larger or smaller than this, and males sometimes travel alone or form bachelor groups. 8. Gorillas sleep about 13 hours each night and rest for several hours at midday. They build new sleeping nests every night by bending nearby plants into a springy platform, usually on the ground or in low trees. When not resting they spend most of their time looking for food and eating it. They eat mostly plant foods: leaves, shoots, fruits, bulbs, bark, vines and nettles. They also eat ants, termites, grubs, worms and insect larvae. 9. There are three types of gorillas: Western Lowland, Eastern Lowland and Mountain gorillas. The names refer to the different areas of Africa where they live. Mountain gorillas are the most critically endangered, with conservative estimates of only 400 to 600 living at this time. Koko and Michael, and most zoo gorillas, are Western Lowland gorillas. 10. Gorillas are shy and peaceful. The only natural enemy of gorillas has always been human beings. Gorillas are still hunted for meat (bushmeat) and trophies in some parts of Africa, and they are caught in traps set for other animals. In the past, whenever an infant gorilla was captured for a zoo, the mother and often the other members of the family were killed as they defended the baby. Now the most serious threat to free-living gorillas is the human population explosion. As more and more people take over the land for agriculture, logging and other development, the gorillas have nowhere left to go. Know Your Gorilla's, if your down, go ahead, girl, and get down, with us. Lastly you gotta love Venice Beach, handle bars are killing it!
And Last but not least, Johnny from the OUtsiders, greaser, the only thing I ever wanted to be minus a legend growing up. Stay Gold by Steve Wonder, listen and remember the day, open the door and smile at a stranger today. And you know any fan of the Outsiders should be able to type this without google, Nature's 1st green is gold, her hardest hue to hold, her early leaf is a flour, but only so an hour, then lief subsides to lief, so Eden sank to grief, then dawn goes down to day, nothing Gold Can Stay. My best man, friend, Magic, wrote in his senior quote with limited characters, the best shout ever, only saying Stay Gold Pony, and followed by my initials. People remember the good more than the bad so weight it that way plays, please check us out @, point, click and make a donation. loven this life for real thank you S.E. Hinton, to all future greasers, love yo heart. Oh snap / shit, almost forgot, the father of the Bride Crib in my own wedding stomping grounds of Pasadena, the Rose Bowl town
And the Schlitz Tall Boy's I found, couldn't believe it, truly vintage beer / can , rare find. Aldo Karate Kid and our NatGeo Producer + Crenshaw baby from Boyz and The Hood fame, early 90'd 4 life son !

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