Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Saturday in America

Always. Even though my first Champagne brunch ended in a later arrest with Ritchie "Happy" in Framingham we stuck with it. But that's another story. As great as they are awful Saturday morning (sigh) favorite time slot. And what better way to celebrate my sisters arrival in town with Champagne and the Retar Crew! Listen to JQ's ode 1st verse to brunch. For us here at GDD brunch is an all day affair. Much love to global markets and warming, 60 degree's in the VA today. Dana gave a crack head $10 dollars, she sucked us in with the full blown aids

My sister and I walked to the Air Force Memorial this morning, what a view, what a country. Proud to be an America AND AS ALWAYS WE THANK THE ARMED FORCES FOR THEIR SERVICE.

Stay tuned Lex-Vegas big things coming with our Mario's tribute. Best pizza spot eva, guy. Here are some photo's and video from this mornings hike.

And my place in VA, everyone should have 1 of these. My sister on the front 9 @! Pebble Beach.

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