Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Live & Die in LA (part II of a II part series)

GDD, LA Weekend Part II. OK, beach weekend, know this, Charlie Paradise always gets his tan. And seeking out future HQ’s Santa Monica praying for Summerland we also met with our newest correspondent Charlie’s noted Uncle, Joey as in Holiday. JOey Holiday they call him Mr. Christmas and Joey bag of doughnuts although most people don't call him that anymore. And he made millions selling cars outside of Detroit in Farmington Hills. He’s now been endorsed, we met, and all in all it was a great weekend in Southern Cal. I'll say this if I knew the illest horse track in America (Santa Anita, anything beg w / Santa in So Cal is ill) was 5 minutes from my grandma in law, half the rehearsal dinner would've agitated that warm concrete for live gaming. In Revere (Boston) they race Donkey's, it's like a waiting line to the glue factory. Out here in the majestic mountain range of San Gabriel, they race stallions. Here's a pic of Summer Crush attending her first races this past 1.
Disclaimer, I always become ADD enamored kicking it in LALA thinking only, how different it is than Boston. Not only in topography but culture and ideals. THE CONSTANT SUN and low humidity breeds patience, cultivates a culture to be figured out, all on your own! And that's at the heart of the growing up differences Boston vs. LA. And it's good and bad, I think. I could tell the Pasadena table, I’d quit my job due to, well, just no longer finding it interesting. I quit, the recession and pasky bills were holding me back from what I always knew was my true, red, white and blue calling, mdoel war sets, big ones, civil war only. And so I quit my 11 year career and tackled my true hobby re building miniature civil war SETS in our tiny manicured back lawn. ATENVILLE, GETTYYSBURG, what’s his names march, which NatGeo did a must civil war chronicle of, recently, whatever. I think, just thinking now, I can really get behind it. A teenage tattoo might break the entire family up in Boston, in LA it always will be what it may be, wait, what? And while there is a chuckle when I think about the obsessed Boston hockey dad, look I don’t know. A kid does need some direction but at the same time who knows. I know I needed direction, once, for an hour. At the center of this whole discussion is the ocean, the Pacific. And there is nothing like a California sunset.
And if that doesn't chill out the "ma burn the fucking pizza !" in the plate chucking East coast upheavel than nothing could. I quote Jim Morrison, "we're changing the world out here in California, yeah!, all-right!" Peering out over this spectacle I was not mad at the people that thought the earth was flat for centuries and lynched the craziness that would suggest other wise. It made sense to me, the shit is flat, what are you fucking blind guy, look, flat. The sun, man oh man, just watching that bitch deep its buttocks slowly down into the water of our visions peripheries, then disappearing? These dudes probably just assumed because there was no Google back then and they didn't understand gravity (Vote down Sopha) that the sun went up and down, knowing inherently it's regiment i.e. when to “cool it.” Great teachers rip from the 70’s, “you better cool it Mr. Johnson, your friends won’t think you’re too cool when you sit with me till five this evening and watch as I correct the whole classes term papers.” Can you see her, the chain to her glasses as they fall beneath her lids? But the beach, the waves, mountains, palm trees and lush vegetation, things simply roll off you. It offers perspective in it’s being, alive is a little perspective, you like how I just Yoda'd that? Because that shit is beautiful, so, we’ll see, I ‘m going to see if I can convince my hire up’s to HQ us out there. Especially after THE BASKETBALL DOC. DROPS. I’ve asked to do narration and wasn’t shot down, it’s because I was confident, and an executive producer. It's great being an adult. Which brings me to the GorillaDunk Daily quote of the day, "One should always play fair when one holds the winning cards." Oscar Wilde, my favorite quoter of memorable quotes, by far, don't let school get in the way of your education son. I love sunglasses, I love the ocean, but dam, I love DC. Happy belated MLK day everyone, weekend, you know we rep the MLK all day long even though we’re more black panther on the ideology tip here at the Gorilla. I hope you watched the Natgeo clip we posted of the Montana mountain man, Casey Anderson this dude might be the next Caesar on the Grizzly whisperer tip. Cali is nature. East coast kids roll out here, easy to get ahead. Safety tip: Don’t surf; your career will be done for. We headed to the Habana Café in Malibu, one of the only outside investments outside of itself that GDD has on it’s books. Dope place, Malibu, the script writes itself, big shout to Mr. Mark Lavalle, Lexington legend soon to be profiled that has been crushing the bar / restaurant thing. Gorilla Dunk friends that you grew up with picture of the month. Snippet. Mark and Ethan were best friends growing up. Mark got into the entertainment, restaurant fashion game. And Ethan won Survivor back when it was Survivor. And Mark has been lacing us up since we were kids. I only remember the LexPress buses in town, I love Mark Lavalle in black marker, a heart and an arrow. And it was great advertising. And he blew up early and still and he didn't go to college, holla! Look at these two cuteybagoodies. Check out Ethan Zohn's story, married another Survivor winner. Did amazing and charitable things with his winnings. Is now fighting cancer a second time. Truly a Son of Liberty Lexington legend but American hero. They use to call him Mr. Zero in high school, he was the goalkeeper on a nationally ranked squad back in 1991.
LA: COnt. I think it would be hard to live out there not being involved in the business that would be fun. Summer’s grandmother went to Revere High in Boston, so I just love that lady. Tan is here, much love to the mild month knock on wood so far. 2012, stay focused on your year, shit is going to be ill. Oh EURO what will you do? Look for more postings and content now that we’re all back home. Here's a picture of the YG current HQ's outwest located of course in Malibu bitches, the lumber yard, Habana b eeee atch. Mark's finally got a joint, monster's older brother always doing us right for since crazy kids.
And one more for my people locked up!
Check out this paparazzi shot of our friends Katie and Calvin joining us for lunch in Malibu. Now is this little Mime Prensky in the background, 1) getting on a fast legend track and hoisting the #1? Or is he actually back flipping uis in the face and giving the Loser?
And poolside at Pasadena, @ my long lost Grandma's crib by the horse track.
And leaving Mabu hahahaha
Falling Down
And the local (burp) news at the bar pre flight home.
And our long running crank it! series, in the spirit of cal a forn ya A, here's today track, an d crank it! Top three songs when the kids! kick the chorus at beg or end. Pink Floyd, The Wall Nas: I know I can and this Back in DC, and our regular programming, peace 2 the city of light. And check out Natgeo, follow amazing pictures to the worlds best source of content, National Geographic instagram@natgeochannel Next trip. Feb. Lex Hoops movie , full week in the studio, same team no games, holla Next Up. Markey Mark PS: Jackson 5 song of the year, we used to run out of the tunnel in high school into the tap drill. My idea, Chucky P aka the Dream, study up, crank it!

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