Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Charlie Paradise - New Years Rap (for the fellas)

Charlie Paradise was roaming the internet in search of that "sad ass song they play in the middle of Can't BUY Me Love when Ronnie get the boot from the party and was walking home solo like Han n shit."

And this is what he found, I'm Clayton Creswell, please stay tuned later tonight for my first article on GDD entitled , Why I'm A Celtic's Fan. Until then Mr. Paradise discovered an incredible and soulful rendition of a timeless classic. I watched Mr. Paradise listen to it for about an hour and then he was ready after jotting down a few notes and key words. I thought and asked if we might edit or re do it but he was adamant, it was fine. And he would've on to the next task, he didn't even hold the book ADD and marriage up to the cameras at the end of his rap. I really pushed for a re-do, based just off that. But Mr. Paradise insisted, claimed he didn't want to get bogged down. He said it was for the fellas. I'm CC Baby (nicknamed bestowed on me by our owner, day 1) And Happy New Year to all of you from your friends at Gorrilla Dunk Daily.

CC PS: I'll have to pick up the slack with the writing, Mr. Paradise continues to express his desire to explore different paths of publishing and creativity.

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