Friday, January 27, 2012

Brookline Legends (Volume I) Justin “The Jigga Man” Kaye.

Blood is thicker than water but water you can drink. And in that spirit I’d like to introduce my long lost brother, the Jigga man, from squirrel village USA. Outta of Boston, my mad hundred grand, my ACE 1-2 post everything Arlington VI. Pleasantville, I never left. And when it did it was 2 dip a toe on to Jazz central, U street, the easy village of DC. And we crushed a decade laying in many ways the foundation for gorilladunk daily itself. And it all started with the Red Sox, a Tuesday night and the Red Sox. Ten Years two guys walked into a bar, Tuesday Night, 12:30AM. It was extra innings, Red Sox. Bobby “pink cuff” links and a guy by the name of Charlie Paradise walk into a bar called Summers. Now Summers is great, for a # of reasons, and once you got past the idea that it might be an Al Qaeda sleeper cell, it can really be a fun spot. The place had satellites, extra innings, and a bar still opened to serving past last call. And then I saw it, Spike Owen Red Sox jersey. And Bobby pink lost it, and thus we met the Brookline legend, class of 1995, JK. The Spike Owen thing led to a litany of random Red Sox players from the 80’s, the lower the batting average, the better, great game, we all knew it. And ten years later we stayed on the hip, and grown the family by leaps and bounds. The merger of Brookline, Lexington, Georgetown and wait, did Chucky P attend college? In any event JK tends to overdue the Boston thing and this is what makes it special. Especially in Virginia. In our first six months being pals, The Patriots won the SB and Ethan Zohn crushed Survivor. JK COULDN’T BELIEVE it. Our first day we spoke about the Lexington kid on Survivor and JK countered that his best friend from Pre School was on the PGA Tour, James D., stand up! I asked if he played in college and he said, “yeah guy, Virginia, ACC player of the year.” Damn. Side Note> ran a notable people from Brookline recently and James Driscoll, our mutha fucken dawg came in just behind Conan O'Brian and JFK, holla And we watched 3 Patriot Super Bowls at that sleeper cell Summers, it’s always the weirdest spots that change your life. It was like a wife with a lot of heart that you created three children with. And absolutely fucking loved the process. Those children being Patriot Super Bowl Trophy’s and what a great facilitator of life they proved to be. SOME STRANGE PEOPLE 2 B FOUND AT SUMMER'S. BUT IT'S WHERE OUR STREAK EMBARKED! + THEY DO NOT FROWN ON ONE HITTERS OUT BACK. ILIED AND TOLD COACH SULLIVAN I PUNCHED THIS GUY IN THE FACE AMPED AFTER THE WIN. :)
The Beckett baseball card magazine was our Wall St Journal and baseball cards our introduction to trading.
Anyway, the snow game to our first Super Bowl 4 months after Sep 11th occurred and we thought of the snow globe as previously reported, we came up with that for the Patriot's! And never got paid. Happens, valuable lessons re; patents right there learned for us. Foxborough's last play. . And the run began, we watched the Red Sox break the curse, why not? At our once hallowed watering hole, Ragtime. A place we spent a majority of our life at, with me putting happy hours on a sky rocketed level of energy each and everyday. This led to a great alliance and sometimes office. Our welcoming letter to the neighborhood we wrote was framed on the wall. All until JK’s best friend and co-owner of Ragtime goes behind his back for the girl whom JK was with for the past year and a half, clouds forming, a little rain and boom, it all fell down, Kanye style. I think I decided to walk in and punch the man in the face after being asked by his partner if this meant we were out of the Ragtime fantasy football league. And it was a loss + I’m banned for life at Ragtime, my former front stage. Anyway given that venue has been out, last Sunday we returned to our roots, Summers. So awful it’s amazing, and our run there? We called Magic and Jakey up in NYC, strong threads and activations from the JK lineage. They were focused, it was game time, let’s do what we do when watching these bastards build and wreck our life. JK, became the jigga man, while never mind as that is inappropriate. He’s not an electric guitar man, his favorite track is Electric Relaxation, Tribe. And that’s strong, he graduated from Georgetown Magna Cum Laude. Made a decision to go for it, step it up when everyone went crazy, just say no to all the shit that was going around him. And he did it, and his G-Town crew and the court side seats, well, it’s the only time I ever really had any academic regret. Seeing that school on the hill, DC, G-town, that crew, it’s sick. In addition he packs a tight beat box, and dance moves that would make the fan fly out of your upstairs window. His favorite Nintendo game, Baseball Stars, Sega? NHL 94, OK, we got along, lived together forming the world famous Sky Bar at the Parker Meridian for almost eight years. During that time I didn’t get out too much, we traveled for events that came across our personal lives ticker, and other than that, just needed a close bar. A place to go and talk Boston sports, pro and high school and wax nostalgic all the while creating an entirely new myth. In a new state with many new faces. And now you can add another AFC Championship to our mantle. We met and broke every curse quickly on all, Boston teams. Quite a decade, and the first GDD of 2006, titled “Original Dunkage” which moonlighted really as a love letter to Amtrak, well, that was typed at the Meridian with lil Scotty (genius behind Activate) ripping me the entire time. But not JK, the man is a super hero, which means he’ll always be supportive. JK once told me, you know who your real friends are when you decide to stop drinking for a month. And damn was he right. When we ran out of Bean town sports, we quoted Beautiful Girls and Good Will Hunting. Anyway here are some picture of the man from Sunday, Tippet, got to love it. Kid has been breaking hearts’ including his own for decades. But we at GDD, want to salute to you. And may I say personally, we love when Brookline and it’s tentacles of allegiance show face in Lexington for the Turkey Bowl. Nice run fellas, big crew, and we get it done. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, JK a guy’s guy who is not afraid of a little Lionel Richie, at all. Last Story. JK, Pink Cuff's and I r coming home from a Redskins / Patriot's pre-season contest @ Fedex field circa 2004. OK, we were prob overserved, this was evident by the fist fight Pink got in on the metro (Boston this is Dc's version of the T same in paris which influenced DC a ton) when a Skins fan told us our kicker sucked. "That's it!" Back then, insult my grandmother but say a bad word about Adam V and it's on as the day is long. After the subway scuffle we thought it was in our best interest to early night cap it at the oldest bar in Washington DC, The Old Ebbitt's Grill. Upon walking in, JK had a ho on his arm rocking a Troy brown new school old school 1nce in a lifetime jersey. And walking up the small stair set to the main floor a Boston gal stopped dead in her tracks, noticed the cajun / persausion of the Jersey and said, "Oh my god, I LOVE that jersey, I'm from Boston, that's tight." JK with his arm around said ho, glanced to the left slightly like a pitcher checking first, unfazed in a mili second made eye contact and replied, "Excuse me, this is my girlfriend!" he said this loudly to which she responded, "OK, I'm not like hitting on you." To which JK dropped the legendary reply, "Sure your not" as he continued to make his way towards the front mohagany old ass bar. It was the funniest reply I'd ever heard. I collapsed. And it spawned a track I wrote for JQ, another 1 which he never made called "SURE YOUR NOT." tHE cHORUS WENT.... (Girls voice) I'm not hitten on u Q, SURE YOUR NOT. Not Playing to pretend you. SURE YOUR NOT. Not fronting for the whole crew. SURE YOUR NOT. Yo Q this rtack ain't even hot. SURE IT'S NOT." WE DID IT AGAIN. YEAH DREW BLEDSOE And 1 last 1 to me. Charlie Paradise
More JK @ Home with the Grteen and the Grey : Celtics / Hoya's . And , and shaking the hand of el president in DC Court Seats Hoya's. Just another day, sure your not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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