Saturday, December 17, 2011

Uncle Preem and my Best Sister Dana!!

It's the holiday's and this morning as I set off for Christmas shopping, I wanted to share with you the best Christmas Present I ever got. If I lost my signed Larry Bird poster from intensive care, I'm sure as hell not going to lose this. I've learned with all the insecure people in this country you need to collect and document stuff along the way, otherwise people don't want to believe you. \Anyway, Berkly the famed music school in Boston held a hip hop night for legends in the production game a couple years back. Keebs was in tow with DJ Premier who was receiving a lifetime achievement award along with Marly Marl (wow!). And I knew it would be a great night and I told Dana to hit up Keebs and check it out. The back stage menu, Chicken and Heinieken. And their were a bevy of other stories I'll come back to at some point, but if your a hip hop fan check the names, and notice they all sign to me, they call me the Dream which back in the day was short for nightmare. And to me, the best nickname I could've asked for quite simply because I dream everyday. Dana set me off this X-Mas, I gotta lace her correct now! She said Preem spent the last hour of the awards show at the after party running down every single act mentioned. Even the inventor of the ":scratch" she said it was amazing, and it was love, no room for war just love. And I thank uncle Preem as always, for a true and lifelong hip hop head as myself. An emcee and writer and salesman to the fullest, thanks guys. What a thing for a guy like me to have, Dream PS: It's worth googling every name you don't recognize as a good history lesson of hip hop. And surprise someone you love this holiday season :) Oh and check big bad Preem's busted handwriting, hahahaha, he hits me with yo Dream Chantilly Lace me. My use of Chantilly lace me, always stuck with Preem hye loved it, and gave it right back to me, holla

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