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Tupac and Kidada Jones - A love story cut short + In Search Of A Leader, and the early 90's ! Holla !

Tupac was my Malcom X, my Harper's Ferry my Bob Marley / Dylan and today there is nothing, the occupy movement is in search of that great leader. And what is needed in American culture at large esp. for the pup's is a musician to polarize and rail the proltarian against the when, the why and the how our Federal Reserve, entire banking system is structured. These are huge issues but then again not so hard to decipher in a sipher. We need a rapper, a voice that convey's to the masses the old Wall St. bail out adage it's too complex for YOU , us , the masses to understand. it's gone on for now, don't be folled into the latest banking bailout was an original theme. Bottom Line: The "our markets are too complex for you to understand the gravity of what just happened" is such a lame and tired hustle.

It was my favorite excuse as a kid, "Do you think I'm that stupid to do something like your suggesting?" We need a truly enlightened rain man rapper that lived through pain, scars, and lived to tell about it. We someone who could convey educationally the ass fuck that just occurred but twist it inside a pretzal of cajun dopeness. Get the crowd to jump and care enough about the fellow that they come back to listen and understand exactly what he was explaining in ryhme. We need a hero to elevate the deprived, form a voice and coalition predicaited on votes that dismantles and re-invents the very idea of capatilism itself America.

You need to give these investment banks a trillion dollars overnight because if you don't there will be trouble you could never understand. The whole world will end. It's ironic that Goldman Sach's the best, most tailored educator on the block behaved and barely survived (they caught on late, and fucked everyone to live past sub prime mostly customers and trading partners) like a crack head sibling from the country's most supreme dwellings. Being from Lexington I have a great deal of experience with this particular phenoenom, I just never thought I'd use the paralell in step with one of the great investment firms of the United States. You might not be familiar with the example but here's the thrust, little cousin, everyone loves reckless but a gem. And no one ever gives him tough love in the face of a mounting drug problem. And make no mistake about it tough love is the remedy for what underlies his ailing, but they powers that be, in this example, the family, can't bring themesleves to do it because they are scared if they do it the kid will be died a month later of a Herion overdose. And they'd suffer the rest of their lives knowing that their tough love had resulted in their cute kid being zipped up at the morg off to Douglass funeral Home a month later. And that's the problem. And this was the hand these investment banks outside of Lehman who rightfully was allowed to fail played. If the rules matterred none of them would be in business, zero. Here's the text from Wall St in Augist 2008 to the average taxpayer. "You don't understand, everything is gone if we don't do this now. You just don't understand." And because of the money and big goverments correlation to it, legislation passes, a trillion dollar bailout. The only thing that would've been over is the scam, not the world, it's such bullshit. And I know what I'm talking about. It's the same argument they used in the trading pits of Chicago to fend off goverment regulation of it's futures markets. They poured millions into lobbyists that argued a simple point, futures markets our a sophisticated mechanism, concepts you don't grasp. And for 150 years they remained self-regulated, very restricted, the last bastion of the great American men's clubs. It's a life anyone would probably if given the same oppurtunity would do, i.e. bend of few laws and regulations to attain and enjoy the .01. God it's unnvering, the same people that scream, free market's for free men! They same crowd that stubbornly scream the sirens of anti-regulation when times are rolling are the same crowd that beg and squirm for a bailout when they have again gone too far in their callous pusuit of more, more and more, money. Here's a quote, they want to privatize the profits and socialize the losses, and these are majority Republicans another reason I'm still recovering as 1. Go Obamma. And we need a revolution, the people can make a difference, it's just the pulse has gone, the trophy kids now out of college that bore the brunt of this last train wreck (it's been going on for years) aren't up for the challenge. They grew up in central air, were told they were amazing everytime they woke up, that's not the answer. The underbelly where historically that great leader had risen has been burnt to ashes. We've cut education, we've shuffled the black population back out of the heart of the city as it became fashionable again. We've championed guns rights shot up the under class and left the trophy kids unprepared for the harsh world that now awaits. It's like Christian the Lion (Must see!) raised in London, a Lion raised in London in the 60's, can you believe that?) you couldn't just drop him back in the jungle, he wasn't ready, he'd been driving around a drop top in London with owners that rocked furs. That's not the jungle, he was in no ways prepared or conditioned for that. That's for the trophy kids and the forces that rbought down Coach farias of the famous Lexington High Boys Basketball Program. Anyway the same shit goes on, what would Einstein say to that? Revolt has a meaning and can produce change, but you need a leader, lord knows we've seen and heard the war cry. And maybe the YG Foundation can help dam it maybe I can help rally a war cry, change the world searching for a revolution because these guys are conning your brains, playing the bully and laughing to the bank, wait they are the bank. Anyway, I miss Tupac, and in his eyes there was no greater travesty in his time on earth in the US than the slaughter of the young American black teenager. And it still doesn't make sense why this 1 black kid get's shot and killed and there's no report, but the white teenager dies drunk driving and there's a full spread. I mean I get it, the media is fucked up, the right wing is fucked up, and the free market ain't free and that 2, is fucked up. Can you believe that Tupac was engagded to Quincy Jone's daughter? That's who the chick in the title is, Quicny Jones? Tupac was surrounded by fame and lions since the day he was born spanning all treks of liife's footsteps. He had so much to live for. I love Biggie but his surrounding family were not black panthers, he wasn't born in prison and he never cared for the struggle once he overcame it. Anyway, reasons I love Pac more than Big part VII. Long before he ever made an album (Ready To Die) and they were the same age by the way, Pac was doing this. And Voletta held it down, it was the hood but there was stablity, Pac, his shit was a roller coaster straight from the womb to the tomb like them old greasers used to say. Check this clip, from a Different World, the early 90's are back, the bright color's are trending now. It's worth noting the Pac / Jada Pinkett connection going so far back And to come back to my earlier reference of Christian The Lion, here's the best clip in the history of animals, life and youtube. If you've never seen it, here it is. Check out his full story, he was unprepared for the jungle, but this clip is amazing, I sent it to fifty client's when I first came across it in 09, it helped cement a few relationships. If you are new to his story, it changed my life and knowledge and thought. You owe it to yourseld to dig em dem crates and do some diligence to unearth his timless tale. The info is out there. And what a truly tremendous story. More Pac from the early 90's before BIG. In Living Color, Tommy Davidson cracks me up here, I forgot what a beast he was on the original version of my favorite show as a kid. Also check Jamie Foxx! And watch when he gives us an early Shaq dead eye (can u see it?) he'd later make famous in his stand up before he blew up as big as Pac, almost. Back then he was paying his dues, an exercise sadly not too many pay the toll's on these days. GDD - over 2K views in Dec, thanks everyone from Charlie paradise, Clayton Creswell and our owner C. Eric easton. We'll continue to add content, widen our scope and personal endeavors as we move to something spectacular down the road. Thanks for being early, we won't stop. Charlie Paradise.

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