Friday, December 09, 2011

Scratch & Burn - Nvasion (The lost skit, never aired!)

As promised, I was going to share some more work of the original Bombitty Of Error's dudes. This was the pilot skit, MTV deemed it, on the heels of the Sep 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks to be 2 risk-A and consequently never aired, lost to all on the outside until now.

This skit is brilliant, Jeffey's star power is early and supremly evident in this skit. I remember JQ dragged me to a peace march in DC, which in hindsight was a very good thing, the IRAQ war was for shit except for the lives lost, heart and prayers homies. Anyway I pleaded with the boys, Dragon and Jordan were there, GQ was not, to knock on the door of the producers, I felt the whole show was either going to take off or live short based on the inclusion of this skit as the drop off on the first episode which was airing later that Saturday night. JK and I, holla #635 Park Meridian legend spot seven years, Frogger machine ninja's! Anyway we always had Sat. Scratch and Burn parties (ADD happening now) for the entirety o the run, and sometime it was just us, but a party it was , always, The Hook it was grand. For the third 1 JQ was there, he said it was "kinda wierd watching yourself on TV for the first time with a bunch of people." I didn't buy it, to me dude was famous and what was better than that.

I'd been boosting Jeffey for so many years already at this point, this was just another level of elevator action, the real life and entertainment version. And the end the Network, MTV hedged the risk (of course) and went ultra conservative out of the gates, really hammering away at that lucrative 10 year old market. These guys were comedians and talented actors, triple threats but also thinking intellectual types.

And my favorite athletes, musicians and actors will always bridge two worlds, the legends. They use their platform to earn but also represent a bigger cause. They stand a voice out in the crowd aspiring always to influence policy closer to their core intuition. I remember asking JQ where the finish line was as we took lap after lap around the monument and white house, this drew the ire and countless "Bart Eyes" from surrounding hippies, "There is no finish line Carl." A voice like vadar summoned from the back.

Happy Friday in America! The lost skit, and out of all 80 of them, this was my favorite. And the show posthumously has gained cult status, again ahead of it's time, think back 2002, wow, almost ten years ago. Times flies like u.

Happy holidays - Charlie Paradise

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