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Say It Ain't So! Sam's From Lean On Me Busted Trying 2 Buy 200 Pounds Of Marijuana Off Undercover Cop!!!

It was in the classic 1980s film Lean on Me that Jermaine ‘Huggy’ Hopkins told Morgan Freeman: ‘No sir it wasn’t me, sir….I swear it wasn’t!’ But the actor will now need to use similar persuasive skills to get him out of a real-life scrape. The 38-year-old was arrested recently in Avondale, Arizona, after buying 200lbs of marijuana from an undercover officer. The actor, who has also starred in television show Law & Order, was later stopped by police officers in the SUV he was driving where they found the drugs and $100,000 in cash. Authorities then searched an Avondale apartment listed in Hopkins’ name. They say they found another 100lbs of marijuana. Child star: Jermaine Hopkins as troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 film Lean on Me According to Pheonix New Times, Hopkins told police officers that he had arranged the weed deal, which took place last Tuesday, so that he could provide a nice Christmas for his family. Hopkins, who lives in North Carolina, is now being held in custody after being charged with two counts of possessing, transporting and trying to sell marijuana. The actor played troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 film Lean on Me. The film is loosely based on the story of Joe Louise Clark, a real life inner city high school principal in Paterson, New Jersey, whose school is at risk of being taken over by authorities unless students improve their test scores. The school in the film, Eastside High School, is plagued with numerous problems including drugs and gang violence. OK, this 1 stings, this wasn't suppossed to be how Sam's turned out. The movie said so, and, and, I've met personally Mr. Clarke. It was back in the spring of 98, I'd a year prior awoken from a coma after car surfing, spent my 21st birthday in rehab, (tough to talk about) and was forced to resign my capatin status on top of leaving Milo flying solo and missing my entire senior year of hoops at Curry College. And there was not too much College @ Curry, and this was highlighted by the fact 1 day sitting in Milo's dormroom wasting our time blowing bongs on the NBA live 98 tip some block head that hadn't spoken in about a week but never left our pad said, (think Mongo voice from Heathcliff)
did you guys see that movie lean On me? The main guy is giving a speech on campus right now
I could not fucking believe it. Was he serious? I loved mr. Clarke, I loved East side high as mucha s I loved the 54th of Boston in all their Glory. Joe Clarke was at my college and I did not know it? Principal Joe Clark, crazy Joe, now they call him batman? An clear as day my meatpacking head of a buddy leveled a resounding yes! He was sure of it, I threw on the fleece and ordered all brain dead stoners out of the apratment, Playstation off, let's get something out of this insitituion many of you are paying such a hefty price to attend. Not me I had a 19K a year pell grant, thank u Lexington, thank u lexington basketball but most of all thank you Mrs. Deangelis :) my angel, i still c u, R.I.P. And we stormed down, Curry had paid the guy handsomely and sadly not many showed. But I was there, I was there front and center, I was hyper active sitting patiently for the question and answer session. I will post the picture after scanning it from my college yearbook when I'm back in the bean and that of lex - Vegas slash tannerville over the holidays. He even brought the bat. And quickly, here are some of my favorite quotes off the freestyle top, i'm a movie guy and tit for tat against any of these other, may I say, shit, Ok, gay "bloggers" I'd run circles around the art of movie quoting on a classic never seen before level, think Hatty. Ok first and first most, Blue Ribbon has got to be the pregnant cute girl from the projects with the desolate mom, anxious to repeat history comes running down the hall frantic looking for their leader and school reformer, "Mr. Clarke, mr. Clarke, some guy's beating up Kid Ray!" It's her delivery, just resoounding in it's emergency. And it wasn't just anyone, it was on of the bad apples that mr. Clarke famously professed during his first rowdy asseembly at East high that spoils a bad bunch he had booted from jump. Wow, did I love that scene, I in a lexington high scenerio as an underclassman would've been on that stage. Mr. Clarke's first act of business was getting the scum out to allow the fringe players to at least have a chance to blossom. And after seeing the size of this kids 3 finger ring on stage when he got the hook, you just knew that wasn't goint to be the end of him. His motions were straight trigger happy. And Kid ray the phony baloney out of his league probably got tripped up on a drug debt, trying to be something he clearly was not cut out to serve. Anyway mr. Clarke told him he'd be dead in a year, your not a businessman and it came to be. Question + Answer. My first question was if Kid Ray was really killed? I mean it is Hollywood - BTW Joe Clarke in person was about 5-5. And he confirmed this to be the case, Kid Ray got his bag zipped. I then went on to inquire about Sam's the genesis of this post, Sam's, fat Sam's the lovable chunk (if mario van Peebles ever beat Spielberg to the punch on Goonies) , heart of gold, but young and impressionable in a dirty town. And mr. Clarke lit up, the actual Mr. Clarke. Yeah he's seen sam's, this was his finest success. And he spoke about spotting Sam's "just the other day" rolling around town in his "big Cadallac with the shiny rims showing off and screaming out my name." He continued that Sam's had a job perhaps in the education community but he wasn't sure, he just knew he was working, he said he was quite the character and they remained friends. And now it's all hitting me like a shit ton of heavy bricks. Sam's was using his movie fame to stay in newark and deliver, buy, sell and smoke weed. hey at least it's not crack, that's a small victory. if it was, the entire life changing roof speech when Mr. Clarke just about chucks him off would've been for not. And hey 30 years from now it might not even matter. But Sam's was playing old mr. Clarke the fool, probably continued to blaze throughout his career at east side, thinking he had Joe clarke won. This is a terrible story for me, and we here at GDD hope and pray for his release and recovery into the normal worting world. Lastly it's worth noting that Joe Clarke who at the time was then running one of the biggest jails in New jersey actually brought with him to campus his famed bat! (ADD Repeat) I'll get the pic from my Curry yearbook for all manana. My other go to quotes. "We are not in Chruch Mr. Clarke!" Crazy mom who plays the villian, and works the channels to have mr. Clarke removed on a technicality because she wasn't holding up her end of the bargain at home with her own boy who was probably if he was on that 1st stage getting hooked, a fucking major zilla. "Contrary to public opinion around here, I'am the head N in charge!" Benson offering up a little reminder of the old chain of command. And below you can see the photo's of mr. Clarke coming to Curry college in the spring of 1998. A) You can clearly see no one @ Curry gave a shit, I mean here we have a guy, I mean fucking batman crazy Joe Clarke is at our boring school ! And 15 kids show up? You can see the bat next to him, trusty like a blaster at his side on the podium. And you can see me completely enthralled in the front row next to Reno in my fleece. I'm focused, look at that shot, throw ADD at the window for a Joe Clarke sighting. What's sad is the stoners @ the crib would not even come with, even after I made a passionate plea and tried to scramble the troops, out of respect for Joe. Reno, my man was the only other cat that left the beer and bong to come with because he loved the kid Ray line as much as me, we'd quoted lean on Me together before, so he rolled. And I was a bit embarressed for my college with such light attendence with a titan in the house. I had to pull the old Curry yearbook for these!
Here's the gem, and in for many, many the most memorable scene of mr./ Clarke from lean on me out side the actual singing once the school has been turned around. Step it up sam's for Christ Sakes, this 1 was tough to swallow. Is anything sacred? Special thanks to Steve Collins for the pull, my dude, Chi town, CBOT, holla.

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