Friday, December 30, 2011

The Retar Crew Announces 2012 Winter East Coast Tour!!!!

Wow, OK, this makes me happy. JQ and the Retar Crew coming to New York City for 2 shows, Providence, New London CT, Boston, Annapolis MD, Baltimore and washington DC. Buffalo Bourbon is sponsering the tour. Since I'm the president of the JQ fan club (inc. 96) I'm taking a role in eeking at some extra spots and promotional angles. This morning I donated $50 to the Retar Crew, their music is great. So if you are an old fan stay posted, and for new fans check out their body of work, impressive, JQ has to be about 30 albums deep at this point spawning every genre out there. So, Happy New Year, stay tuned for updates, e-mail as any questions or idea's @ - Also I'm considering having them play a private party in DC, yeah man. Stay Tuned, be a tight invite. Here are a few of my favorites. Happy New Year! Taste Good. These Kids were born to perform. Get LIFE. Best song Ever - hands down, the Retar Crew goes Broaway on a very hairy topic. gREAT tRACK - wHERE dO tHEY cOME uP wITH tHIS sTUFF? Wierdest Track Of All-Time yet so, so, catchy and confusing. This will make you a fan CP PS: Stay tuned for the 1st article from our newest beat writer Clayton Cresswell PPS: One Last Gem

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