Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RagTagJubilee is here, Summer Crush's Blog Hits!!!! There's the link, my new favorite blog. I guess this makes us a blogging, married couple, wow, who would've thought? Great stuff, Summer you pop rock this scene homy , much love :) Check it out!
So my endless Summer squash which we now make into sphaghetti is back! My fashion design, social media giant of a wife is back and sizzling her cajun contemporary concise and consistent cherry views on u. I wish there was a twitter back in her lingerie designing days, GDD could'ev pulled a huge audience phone filming the dressing rooms I got to sit in on as Summer laced the models with their directives before taking stage. So if I'm a fraud, summer crush is the real deal happy meal. So, check her out, she jas mentioned that all blog activity on her end is suspended to the new Year. Here's a little vid of her opening the ridiuclous fat faced, rose' Swatch from our last night's present openings. Yeah, I sing carol's in the summer, blast them actually and we do gifts our gifts post X-Mas. The timeless swatch, plus the Big face can Chantilly a little lil Kim into the 1 and only. I almost got her the hot pink joint, but then I said to myself or me self if I was off the boat irish, 'the women is 30.' The thinking was if I got her a hot pink Swatch I might as well put it in a Barbie Dream machine, so we took the pivot and went rose' on this ho's, yes! Today's Tip; Best Pandora channel ever, "Jazzzz , got to hit it with the multiple Z's. I'ev discovered Jazz and can now understand why Duke, Charlie, Coltraine, Dizzy were kings. And lastly on the self plug, all I really wanted for X-Mas was a grape face mist, yeah i said it, grape mutha fucka,from real grapes! I love it, thanks Santa Crush.

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