Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Pez Tree

Happy Sunday in America my gorilla's ! As promised here's a little Chantilly Lace (get it, remember?) our tree and accompanying ridiculous Pez collectables. As noted, notice the strong concentrationof old school SW guys huddling close to the Santa apex, there is a system at work here and one's Pez fame much like the bible Beckett's for baseball cards can adjust seasonally. Just cause your beneath Santa this year?

Huge game for the Patriot's today, also big games for Ravens, Jet's, Steelers, this is the week more than the next two that really define what kind of playoff picture we're going to have. I love the optimism of a Sunday before kickoff, much like the first day of school, i think the Patriot's will win and the Steelers and Jet's will lose, but in reality I'll be lucky to walk away all C-'s, i.e. maybe a Pat's win.

In any event it's exciting because I have no life. The record player get's it done, and bam! We are off to shop, 4 PM kickoff but I get to short the skins this javascript:void(0)week since they covered big against my Patriot's last week. At least the EURO is collapsing, and Summer is queen :)!

"She's your queen to be. " Oha (Coming to America)

God bless this blog, god bless the united states of America, holla !

PS: And god bless Jeff Greene, may he be OK, even if (this pains me to write) we never see him play another minute ever again

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