Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas, Trading Places Break Down Of Highlight's!!! Greatest Holiday Movie Ever

OK, check the marquee, walking in I just knew I was in store for a classic night. and the place was packed. And I decided to film a bunch of favorites on my phone for GDD, with commentary, below catch some highlight's. And you can hear on this first clip the draft house crowd roar their approval when Eddie famously asks "Is there a lawyer in the house?" Which brings us into the nexus of the flick, the bet, 1 dollar, by far the biggest tickling sensation I get is when Randolph giggling with his brother after mapping out a life destroyed says, "We've done it before." Before Hollywood was obsessed with prequel (which rule BTW) they'd already built 1 in, dam. Why you wanna stick me for my paper? OKJ< And of course Eddie takes talking shit to a new level, and flaunts his karate master skills revealing the heavily guarded and secretive 1/4 blood technique. so funny. This next 1 is special, I call the clip, when white people ruled the world volume I. if you ever looking for the opposite of Motown, this is it. They took his job, his money, his house and butler, this one stings as we watch playboy Todd now net his finacee. OK, Santa and Salmon. Attention world, THIS IS MY HALOWEEN COSTUME NEXT YEAR SO JUST DON'T BITE IT (NWA). I like the santa scenes with Akriod so much, I had to get at ya wit 3. And a quote from Pac jumps into my membrane as the trading of the two places was now complete as eveidence in this gem. "My stomach hurts so I'm looking for a purse to snatch" TuPac Santa Salmon cont. Some of these shots are too classic, poster after poster. You can hear the audience get behind a classic point of a classic film. This womens face says it all. Quite possibly the best "face" I've ever seen. Hatty and I used to do crazy , crazy things in public during high school just for the faces, the faces baby, and this one is Midas gold. Throw out decorum, this movie really does make a much deeper point which in it's truth is profound. Comedy is a powerful tool, anybody can make you cry but to truly laugh is a gift, do do it enough as u can :)! Watching him wolf the Salmon hear gets me oh so, just, just right. OK this is a quick shot of Eddie being Eddie, the kind of shit that made him famous, is it just me or do you think this part was not part of the original script? And that's why actors get paid, what can u add to what's already there, Eddie Murphy went light's out in what was at the time the 2nd movie (48 Hours came first) of his brilliant young career. And here's the hustle, what I realized watching Trading Places this time is that the true hero of the film is Coleman the Butler. Akin to R2 D2 in Star Wars he is the sleeping giant of this flick. They guy makes it happen, without Coleman no of this shit works back on the Dukes. and you get to love his choice of costume and toungue. Also I don't know how I missed jamie Lee Curtis's rack, ADD moment, must've been, the only explanation. OK, here you have John Belushi copming out in his underwear, celbrating a new Years Eve on Amrtack (on my to do list) saying only, "look what happened to me." Make no mistake about it, this was a Saturday Night Live flick through and through, what a classic cameo for a hall of fame movie. The Trading Floor. I remembner my first day clerking in the corn pit on the Chicago Board of Trade, I was informed to check a 100 lot in July across the pit, in the pit trade checking is a constant, and the action truly is unlike anything you've ever seen or been apart of. Anyway trying to check this 100 lot I was getting no love, and apperently the trader on the other side of our paper was having a bad day, why? Because he punched me in the face. I went flying off the top step of the corn pit, true fucking story. The pits of Chiacgo were so important to me, and this is why you'll see 4 different sequences here. Pure capitalism - OK - the crop report, in commodities these are the earnings if you will on the stock tip. Earlier this week I mentioned hardwork doesn't pay off in corporate America as mucha s you think. it's all about information sport, the most valuable commodity there is. Now if hardwork paid off the salves would've been millionaires, you must scheme and work hard and above all be smart. I could watch floor highlight's for years, Book II, i have so much more to say, Book II "Outcry" a story of a family, you'd have to live it. And after heading home after a building Christmas party into my solo flight to watch Trading Places I came home to the wife and her beatiful friends rocking Love Actually, and I was forutaunte enough to capture and leave you with my favorite scene. Happy Holiday's and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my players

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