Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, Southie + Nahant!!!

Greetings gorrilla dunkers, and welcome to X-Mas Eve. and with the Pat's on, 1st place, to squish the fish @ 1PM surrounded by family, libations and love what could possibly be better? My trip home started in Southie, a curious case by all measures I've become somewhat of a Southie scholar ever since my sister raided West 5th between E & F many moons ago. it's a miracle they gentrified this industrial wasteland of bodies buried past, I mean the streets just sound like the hood, W 5th between E and F, this is not alphabet city dawg! Anyway, the once horrid and tough as nails area has been transformed proving once again that it's tough to keep a good man down, and it's tougher to keep 1 down that's close to water, in this case the mighty Atlantic ocean. So as always I clicked a few picks, as Mick, best name in southie eva (guy!) scooped me, we hit D & D drive through and did our usual lap. It seems every time I return home something in the neighborhood has changed. And now with an owning rooting interest on behalf of big sis I'm more interested in ever what's happening around Broadway. When I met the black Knight at Broadway back in 1991, it was a quick meeting, and with the triple O's (Whitey's most famous hangout) right across the street with quessy feeling a Lexington brother like myself was feeling, well was warranted. Back in 91 Broadway was not for the faint of heart or for a suburban general hospital watcher such as myself. Here is where of my best adventures over the last ten years begin. DCA baby, the best airport in America, small, slinky, great views of the capitol, white house and monument when wheels up. Also five, count em, five minutes from my amazing apartment with summer! yes, dawg with no traffic that is, OK, 7 and a hook, but so, so money.
The 1st shot I took upon landing. This is what the holidays is for me, the troops are home. This was a 20 year old kid, imagine that, back from Iraq. I didn't want to go overboard and film the big chevy pick up that scooped his ass. Seeing his girl and sister, it was so money, and yes he was home from Iraq. The only thing worse than bailing out Wall Street after they tricked themselves is continuing an unjust war that was started on bizarre premise and extremely loose correlation. I can actually see a simily between Iraq, and Wall Street's subprime meltdown, no one could see, and no one understood. Most all the experts and politicians, trifling. Why should this kid have to die? Also I've found there is too much emotion in politics amongst the laymen and not enough research and thought. You can have a view but you better be able to back it up, especially with the emotion your displaying, so true and everyone knows what I'm talking about. The problem is well, too much emotion not enough knowledge.
And here we have the last remnants of the toughest area and per capita poorest collection of white people in America through the 70-90's. The old colony housing projects, ground zero of the awful busing riots in Boston's darker hours. The next pic is the new face of the Colony projects as a
much needed face lift. The world has changed and never stops, it's exciting to live and write about. We've had no TV which really means no reality TV watching since March 1st, holla. Below see the new, the flip side of the old sad face of the beat up old Colony Projects, the home of the Bulger brothers coming up.
Southie at it's heart is industrial on a commercial level spanning all of Boston and the many surrounding cities. So you know we had to click when the monster truck almost hit us pulling out of a huge commercial stocking ground which allows us to settle up to the water and have the best views of the coming and going planes over Logan. it's all about secret spots, and where you see the cranes is the secret spot. Mickey actually fishes there in the summer and for all of it's blank charm and character, it turns it inside out and paradoxically becomes a great spot, view and plane watching facility. I can';t tell you here it is, then it would cease being a secret spot. Traveling , to me is all about what they can;t tell or show you on a tour bus. And it's up to the legend or interested traveler to figure it out. And more often than not if it's truly magical it is still far removed and protected from simply coughing up dollars to be found. Here's a photo of the toughest Bar in South Boston, OK top #3, Mick's first time there he encountered a guy that shot the door off the hinges! Fun story and this is where the usual lap around southie that greets my flight arrival, well the Mick stories and things to point out alwayas slighter differ in nuance than my sister dana who also packs a great local as well as historical punch! Hawaii, holla!
Below here is my sister's Christmas tree, years ago our mother instilled a great belief in the importance of a fabulous tree, a real 1 of C, and Dana right here just nails it. Was perfect for my afternoon nap when I stumbled
And to my great surprise settled on the couch for a cozy comforts of a pre X-Mas nap I stumbled upon this ! Favorite quote, "I happen to like nice men." Princess Leia wow, wow, wow, this scene went a long way in making the trilogy great. This is what was lost in the new 1's, the feeling that you really, really knew these characters. And soon, later that day it was off to the real big C's place in Nahant, a small peninsula an untucked gem hiding covertly along with sands just across of Revere and Lynn beaches.
And in what could be the most classic pic this side of the Atlantic, ever on gorrilladunkdaily I found this on my dad's coffee table. The apple and the tree, I love you pop and Claudia.
My dad was overcompensating on this 1 a bit after having his eyes shut on the prior snapshot, hahahaha
And from there let's get to a crown jewel of Boston, the celebration of Lobster, holla. You know your in Boston when you see this ornament....
And i leave you with this,part of the Star Wars marathon I stumbled upon via the couch in Southie Fri afternoon, Star Wars marathon on spike TV. The best song ever, to usher in the best day of the year, this was my wedding song, OUR WEDDING STAR SUMSKIE, Marry Christmas everyone, I love you ma! And am on my way shortly. Go Patriot's, ah doomz! Big up's to J. Wig on the trading places role, for now, with the wedding footage, u r the man. Crank this.!

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