Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lexington Police Have the best stuff but....

Mass. man serving life now charged in '92 killing

Mass. man serving life now charged in '92 killing

Mass. man serving life now charged in '92 killing

we shouldn't be shocked if their ability to solve murders is not up to snuff. I mean they have the best stuff but returning recycling bins to their rightful place is not doing you any favors when it comes to solving murders. This case is so absurd and I have to show discretion which here at GDD rarely happens. Our head boss put the squash on my initial direction is this small piece. But for journalistic integrity I can review the basics. August 19, 1992, Lexington, a recession is happening, but not there. Anyway womens home is broken into. It's a robbery, and she's home, man stabs her seventeen times and leaves. Women calls 911, dispatcher answer four AM, classic minuteman time, you would think. Lexington Emergency thought it was a prank call and never acted on the reach out. Guy taking over the next day, reviews the calls from last night, here's this 1 and immediatly sends a crew. They found her dead in her bedroom holding her telephone.

And what's cray is that my sister and I had just discovered Twin Peaks. So this became down right scary driving home on the wooded streets of Lexington. The owls were enough to cause me to never again leave the house. And two years later on our famed stretch of "mass Ave" it happened again, in Lexington, women, murdered, no nothing, ever. And we were like what the fuck? Even the brothers were a little freaked out. I mean white people got weird the further you put them in the woods, and this 1 was out on the loose? IN many ways the opposite of gang warfare. And there were zero leads. I had just 1 year before been accused and almost sent away of defecating a national landmark on Patriot's day, killed me. I was the 13 year old behind Statue John Parker being doused in red paint head to toe. It was me, and they knew it but it wasn't. They had witnesses and knew the other pieces. When the paint from my shutters matched and I was told I was going to have to leave the high school for "sometime." I freaked out

Not only did I douse my hero Captain John Parker red, I also stained every last one of the 5,000 yellow ribbons strewn across town to support our troops in Kuwait, this was Desert Storm. IN any event it was pretty dramatic, I was released and avoid court and DYS away from my mother after war protesters held a press conference on the steps of the state capitol and took credit for it. And apposition to our troops involvement in Kuwait and later that of Iraq. I'm not a libratarian but... i can't even spell it.

And that was that, good story though gotta love America.

PS: The apex of this story and headline are a very tragic story and I'm happy for the families involved they can at least have some peace with it. I'd always wondered who did it? At the time no one thought they were connected.

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