Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let's Go Hoya's

Happy Saturday evening! And much love to the many holiday celebrations, libations and cheer pulsating throughout our glorious western land of North America. This afternoon I attended a Georgetown Hoyas basketball game, a DC matinee, if you will against a school not a rival in their back yard. The players like the students and alumni themselves are on a different level. People hate to hear that but it's true, and that's why grades are important. And American was tough, but G-Town especially with JT 3 firmly in control of the program now is worlds class. American had some players is totally D1 having qualified for March madness in each of the last two seasons (that may be wrong). Georgetown under the great John Thompson's son has been restored properly to national prominence. The team is black and the school is white and since I was a kid in the 80's this is the way it has to be. There is no shortage of older white white with white not grey but snow white heads of lettuce. I was almost compelled to do an entire montage of all the founding father white haired look alike caucasion men that flooded the good seats. it was truly remarkable and gives one keen insight into a slowly changing social dynamic at our nations most revered institutions. That aside, if this was back in 2002 when Craig what's his name was coaching this might have been a game. But thankfully on that side of the Potomoc order has been restored and it was a blow out. I ran into an old Hayden guy from my hometown and the class of 1989, Toby Romero. He's a lawyer at Williams and Connolly, has three kids and a house in Arlington. He introduced me to his awesome 5 year old son and informed him that I even used to play basketball at Lexington. And I felt proud which never happens. Mostly because my seats were about ten tows better than his and on the coveted, can I say "floor." Inside the hockey boards, fold out, these key words when you get into the slecet company of the firsat five rows. And these seats have been in our extended Georgetown family for years. They are where Justin Kaye has shaken hands with President Barack O'bama's hands. They are wear I ran onto the floor at 100th season's final game and top 50 players of all time ceremoniol game. I screwamed, "What's up Cambridge Rindge!" And Pat Ewing looked right the fuck up. And we were Lexington, a great tradition that Patrick battled in high school, and lost! Not only did I have the best seat diascouinting the entire Lenardo family (Patriachrs of the program) but I had the best shit to say. And after the game, in the middle of filming Where Defense Began, I walked from my seat after the final whistle and approached Patrick Ewing who had just been named the best player ever, @ Georgetown and told him congratulations, and that I played basketball @ Lexington for coach Farias. And he stopped everything and smiled and said instantly, "you guys beat us." And or a second I thought right there that Patrick thought I had played on that team, and I was satisfied, that more than sufficed. I walked right away and called Coach Farias. And it's something that Magic had pointed out years ago with Cris C - and that was, guys listen, espically bench warmers (long live the 12th man) and with floor seats you literally can affect the game. Now this was a pre Jan game I thought was ideal for an on campus Georgtown game. That would've been sick. So Justin

A great memory for a kid, Big Joe's grandson captured here. I remember when I was six years old I was a batboy for the Wareham Gatewen of the Cape Cod league, before the lawnmower, I thought it was the coolest thing. To be close to the game, and that love and passion never evaportaed. And today "Tre best name ever his father has legit game got to hold the ball at his passionate request during a timeout out during today's first half.

A follow up pic shows the little man is in fact having a day.

Back door cut and the dog. This is the Princeton offense or did you forget where JT3 came from? And the dog, the mascot, always big fuck a giant orange, the Hoyas has the real living thing. Matteo was telling me today the funeral is a massive deal and I thought what a great thing to film and document in detail. There he is!

And my favorite part, the hey baby, I'd been waiting all game for it, it's when I first fell in love with those same floor seats in 2002. Hey even though they were terrible I was a huge dirty dancing fan, and this is the joint. And they were OK but Craig had to go which brings me to my next point, it's hard to replace a legend with a big AND sometimes you gotta let go. And before first tip I learned of Jeff Green hearty condition Reggie Lewis were the first things JK said to me. I hadn't even heard anything other than he was hurt and the details were foggy but it's the NBA, dam. I';m glad they saved him, we also watched Jeff Greene the ultimate all around player take the Hoya's to the final four, with Roy Gibbs, Pete Nice gave him a high five coming out of the pub one night where he did his year out here and has been a big fan ever since. But Reggie Lewis, more on that in this o during the next session. And it wouldn't be DC without an outro, go, go, holla

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