Saturday, December 03, 2011

Happy Happy To Our Servicemen Coming Home For The Holiday's, The War Is Over!!

Wow - great photo, that's the eternal flame, a view from behind on a Sat AM, my favorite time slot of the week. Summer pulled my coattails to zoom on my iphone, thanks. And yes, the War Is Over! And that is something the President said he would do when he ran and he did! And it was the right call, Mccain would've tripled down on a loser and for what? The toll Americans would pay in lives is the heaviest cost. It's easy to make the surge call from an office. The measure of a president is protecting American lives, and there is never an easy answer. And President Obama has, he has ended come 1 more week the Iraq war. He's focused on Afghanistan (the next one we must end) and even more on Pakistan. And the more we focused on Pakistan the weaker Al Queda and it's abilities to hurt us became. And this built up of course to the head of the snake being cut off - their leader Osama Bin Laden being gunned down Navy Seals in the house. This galactic man hunt for our most wanted criminal proved once again a search to no where lands back to the most obvious point and that's always way it takes so long. The clear and obvious is the last place anyone ever thinks.

The 1 thing you must give our president is that he's established himself a remarkable war commander in chief. He's mowed down Al Queda and will be the best equipped candidate to finish the job. We need as previously stated dozen's of US "A-Teams" to the Yemen's and even more remote corners that foster a radicalization of anti-life ideologies. And when his war time decision came, our president walked these very grounds, letting the ghosts of American pasts cradle his thoughts as his mind massaged the graveyard of our great history pondering which tactical direction to call for. I'm glad he did that, if for no other reason than I would've too. And in the spirit of all of our troops in Iraq coming home this holiday special holiday season, GorillaDunkDaily and it's affiliate Charlie Paradise headed this morning (pulling Summer crush kicking and screaming) to Arlington National Cemetery. What a gorgeous fall morning in Virginia it was today. I like being in a graveyard at the tail end of fall, a fitting metaphor.

And what a profound, short and hard to believe history as American's we've endured. You know Robert E. Lee who married into the Washington's and lived on a still preserved home atop the cemetery, well his father fought in the revolution with George Washington. And a generation later his son would lead the confederates siding sadly, with his home state of Virginia and that of the confederate position of state right's i.e. preserving the peculier institution of slavery.

It's an amazing place, besides after Paris and Buenoes Aires, I like cemeteries. And it's right here, we can still here from our apartment at night the base down the street play taps. We all should serve in the military, a year, by law. It teaches the very lessons that the every kid gets a trophy generation of moms undermines, and thus weakening in my eyes national security. Thankfully the wars of tomorrow will be fought less and less in land combat. They will be drones, economics policy, technological fronts, stuff that like.

Anyway, I'd like to thank our president for ending this dumb ass Iraq war that should've never taken place. Focus on the root, not the symptoms I expect my president to know the difference. And thank you to our armed men that have served us since the inception of our declaration to the now. And thanks you General Sherman for your brutal march through GA effectively ending the civil war and the practice of legal slavery five years earlier than it would've had you not. War is cruelty, freedom has it's price. And American more than any other place on the planet is a celebration and protection of independence, holla

"Thank God almighty we are free at last." MLK

Here are some other pic's from today.


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