Monday, December 19, 2011

Elzhi - Live London Jazz Cafe + hip hop Stillmatic / Nas Homage

Big Up's to my Bosnian born homy and ese, MIrza. Love u dawg and great seeing you today for a beer at the pizza shop. Anyway our boy went to London crushed it, lives there, was back in Dc on some business and brought back some clips which were perfect since I watched this video (below) with Aren and a couple QUILMES Friday after work. We took a trip down memory lane and even listened to memory lane, Ilmmatic, Preem, Nas, what!?

And below video if you haven't seen is worth watching, the future of hip hop is in good hands, don't fret And check it out Wig, he's even sporting my watch ! A big shout to MIrza, drafting of the hustlers he's a top #5 pick, thanks for filming homy. Happy holiday's, and catch this cat if your down on new hip hop, also peep Kendrick Lamar, will post some of him once we catch that live, soon wnough. He's the future of w3est coast rap and super positive!! Dam, I lopve a shitty economy, it always brings good music back, fact! holla Editor's correction: It was first reported Mirza was Serbian, and let's just say that's not the same as mixing up Roman and straight catholic. Huge blunder, these were the ethnic cleansing dudes, dam! it's the difference between good and eveil and we stand , humbly corrected, my bad MT.

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