Tuesday, December 20, 2011

E Douuuuuble Haaaas A BAAAABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning Gorrilla dunkers, may I drop some huge nwes for our gorrilladunkingfamily, my best friend since the 3rd grade E double has re-created! And the world might never be the same. Hopefully if along with her cool ass husband Evan can recycle 1/10th of the flavor E Double has dropped in my ear over the years, we should be OK. E Double is such an enormous part of the gorilla family that GDD has personally shipped a baby fur coat to Brooklyn as of 5:18 EST this morning. Now working on a bloggers budget this is no small price rather speaks volumes to the weight the Double clocks on my block. Like the darling speech we watched chief correspondant Carl E. Easton freestlye at her very Brooklyn wedding today's column writes itself. And from lex-Vegas to London, somewhere in Ireland, back to Boston and bon voyage to NYC GDD has watched and been apart of the women many felt was closing in on Barabra Walter's list of most fascinating people as early as 2008. In an interview with gorrilladunkdaily three days befoer the delivery, Ms. Double had choked through the undertones of being completely freaked out at the prospects of motherhood and came to casually disuuss the desire to pass on all that we've seen, and learned, like a back and forth reciting knowledge of EPMD's, "you got to chill." For example, mucho - This chick will someday soon be a cool addition to the Brooklyn underground of our revolutionary guard, founded by Preem and stroked by the Double herself, I'v e never seen somebody find and take to a home (Brooklyn) more naturally than these two E's, holla. And what a great place to raise a kid. And to the proud papa, Evan "I've never, ever seen a steak and cheese in my life I wouldn't eat on spot" Rutberg, congratulations. As a teacher and principal in NYC proper you've made kids a part of the very fabric of your career and life mission. And so it is of common consequence that GDD endorses you as a great dad! also don't sleep on the fact that the queen herself, the royalty known simply as double E has taken, gracefully your last name. Repeat in the YG circles repeat in YG 94 circles this does not happen. Even my dearest, and endless Summer, is holding on to Montalbano as she puts it because Kristin Easton (just isn't me, what!) The good news for me is that legelally on the wedding certificate out ion cali it's changed. But for Brian, Jay, TR all these power cats in my heirarchy, none of the women have changed there last names. It leaves a playa like myself a bit frazzled and thanking god at the same time like the women featured in today's early post, that we've never lacked confidence. R.I.P Lex Basketball , for now. So everyone including campers, I d like you to give a warm gorrilladunk welcome to Mia Rose Rutberg, ah doomz! A stupid dope Brooklyn girl at birth, alerady. 1 love. I need a kango (furry 1 please Santa) Here's a great pic of our proud papa early this morning
Oooops! Wrong 1, here's a gerat shot with proud papa he could not make his way to the shaver per birth, much love kiddo.
And on a happy Tuesday, ho,liday and baby note, CRANK THIS SHIT! yeah, boyee, yeah, we did it, u did it! And of course, I have to include the 5th grade camping trip for our new mom and watch and enjoy :)!

Bridge School 5th Grade Cape Cod Camping Trip - May, 1987 from Carl Easton on Vimeo.

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