Monday, December 12, 2011

DJ Premier Talks Life & The Last Time He Saw Guru Alive

Dj Premier Part 2 from The Cut on Vimeo.

And this is for my Preemo fans. And let me just say right off the bat, the best part of this is when he explains his ice cream and Hershey's fudge, once a week treat after responding to a question re; better living / health on the heels of Nate Dog, Goo, and so many in hop hop's golden age checking out early due in many instances to the lifestyle a hip hopper typically leads, fried chicken bithces! But I LOVE it, Guru was a drinker, smoked butt's, Preem is a desert, blunt guy. The only time I ever so him truly sad was at this bar Galaxy which back in 2001 in the heart of NYC (actually LES, hey that may be the heart) he was allowed to blaze up in, crazy. Anyway, I brought JQ and even let two other of his homy's ride with us, it was a 4AM breakfest, and wow, Preem is a desert fanatic and when his brownies came out cold, his face looked like his entire hometown was destroyed by a neutron bomb.

Bottom line is the man is loveable, watch how excited he get's talking about this sundae, and that fudge, too funny !!!!

DJ Permier is a hero of mine. And I've been fortunate enough to kick it with since 99 dozens upon dozens of times. I'd amit if it wasn't for the Keebs Chantilly (in and lace) I prob wouldn't know everything about the man, I'm a study, a die hard.

The last time I was in D & D with him, he got Portland, and trailblzed an "L" as I kicked back, admired his copy of the DVD Pee Wee's Big Adventure and listened to him "fish" over Brazilian vinyl, pop, from the 70's and early 80's. And these are the stories.

My respect level goes beyond for the way he lives his life, the respect he has and how he is to the people closest to him. The GuRu thing , it's just so crazy, and this dude Solar, has fell of the map. He should be in jail and the full story as it eventually unfolds is heartbreaking, Goo didn't have to, and wasn't suppossed to go out like that. Preem once told me he never met anyone like me, and in the spirit of the Teacher to max in Rushmore echoed only, "I'm fairly sure I can say the same about you."

And congratulations Preem on your baby boy, yes fans Preem is a dad, his GF (Charlee) and sister of Yankee's star Derek Jeter gave birth a few months back, shhhh.

Anyway's kicking it at the famous D & D midtown Manhatten , kicked back, eyes shut, blazed tilt, listening to the Beethven of rap production himself fish on foriegn makes my top ten life list, thus far. Quoting the apex fight between Clare and John Bender from the breakfest Club in Tampa Bay, a close 2nd. That shit was awesome, and it was early Fri maybe Sat and hotel security had to come up to Preem's suite and tell us to quiet down, there had been complaints. We got into to it. And het like they say in this bang-er of an interview, crazy attractys crazy, crazy kicks it wi crazy.

And preem thanks for being that way, gid bless you, biggest G, year round, Goo, RIP, Keebs, NYC and everything else in between, big's to black, Boston 2 Texas......


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