Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chapter 1. "Heartaches" 04/21/1947

And so it was on April 21st Nine Teen Forty Seven that my mother came into this life. And went unclaimed for a month.

And sweet child it is you that has done nothing wrong, it’s these forces that have chosen to engulf you, it won’t be easy, child I’ll be with you, pray to me, find strength through me, I’m the righteousness you’ll need to make it through. I’ll always be a heart beat away I’ll have your mother right here, and inside the deepest corners of your hopelessness close your eyes and shine for you’re a beacon. It will of course not be easy. I’m sorry sweet child you’ve been chosen for such struggle. Home is in your heart, which is what your mother, I and my father will always represent for you. Someone will be here for you shortly, much of it will be forgotten but your faith will carry you, carry you to people, families and children, even then it will become in some ways harder than what your going through right now. In time, recollections only calling will be a sobering reminder that this actually surrounded you. You won’t remember but it will be impossible to forget. Know I’ll never leave your side. As a child you’ll suffer in only the very worst possible of ways. But one long day away life will return where it has robbed you selfishly without candors good tact regarding such infancy.

You will have a girl and a boy they will be beautiful children with boundless potential. Pass on to them what I’ve taught you here today. Never stop believing and soon someone will be here for you soon someone will be here to help

Jesus to my mother the day she was born.

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