Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brady beats Tebow, Patriot's win!

OK, here we go, this 1 is for my NFL brethren. What we learned so far in week whatever of the NFL season, OK, 1) Is your technically out of the playoff's you will show up and $'s to doughnuts typically cover against a fringe team FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE, LIFE IS PRESSURE AND CONFIDENCE AND THAT IS WHY WE SAW SO MANY Upset’s today. Of course I roll with the exceptions, do better under pressure, for the most part. As far as my gig as a broker on the currency tip the times I've set records is when I'm on probation, hell, I'm about to ask my new owner to put me on probation even though my #'s r fine. I must, and we, can always do better. And I light fires, in a good way on probation, corporate probation. I would never have % points on a banging bar / cafe in Malibu CA if that was not the case (peep the Habana cafe, L, much love Mark Lavalle and of course our co-owner Cindy Crawford) But for DC and Skin's fans. Man, congratulations, you beat up a division rival on the road, just a little late. The Giant's as their fans know, these days always choke. And the only reason they beat the Pat's during that memorable undefeated season (for the Pat's) SB years ago, is because the Pat's went for it, man they fucking went for it. We watched the Packers drop a game today to the Chef's (see Jerry Graf, Lexington snickers brains) Chief's who r good is because they ripped the entire Patriot's SB staff. And that loss is good for the Packers, no one can go undefeated and win the SB in today's NFL, just a fact and that's why you haven't seen it done. And if Belly took a knee and didn't go legend Pat's would've captured captain Tommy B's 4 the Lombardi trophy, fact, stop, drop roll and holla! So that loss was good, the Redskins suck, but they seemed to outdue themselves when the season was over against a choke team, who would've ever thought that Brady would be him and those guys, well, the Manning’s, people expected them to be what Brady became, and that in lies life. The undergod / shit in town against the Bronco's, I mean dog baby, what's that song? Your not afraid of the underdog and that is something you can't understand and that's why you lose? Wow - it's never the guy that's guaranteed. OK? Now everyone thinks the EURO is going to fall drastically, quickly and soon, and this is a consensus, so we here at GDD think it might go up, on the short tip. Tim Tebow is a cool guy, yes I said it, never will we front on faith and general niceties on the raised right tip. And speaking of theology and seeing the uproar slash support (of Tebow) gives 1 a microscope into the differences of the world, the ignorance AND NEXT WARS. I LOVE JESUS BUT IF I GREW UP IN TURKEY I'D love Allah, does that makes sense? No 1 or the other is correct; faith creates confidence and that is life however you arrive at those means, holla. So I want to direct more of my efforts to understanding, I realize people that gain wealth and the ability to not waste time and take care of their children typically are not religious fanatics. I roll towards science although I believe in angels, and I pray to Jesus because that's whom my parents steered their faith in the direction of. So Tom I mean Tim Tebow is cool but he caught the vapors today, the SEC nature of his game was exposed and for all the faith mongrels’ out there faith is defined with how we deal with adversity. That being said we'll c how he does next Sunday. The Patriots D continues to be a problem, a gaping vacancy, the only thing going for us is the deficiencies of everyone else. The Packers are far and away the best, this loss, the best thing that could've happened to their organization. But 1 game, 1 gigantic stage, the Super Bowl??? Anything yes anything can happen. The Pat's, Jesus, no pun, this V was BIG. I hope to craft some pillars, golden rules of NFL gaming for the cheap better analogous to Peter Lynch’s 1 up on Wall Street I imagine. So, preliminary thoughts. One. Always eye the bounce backs, teams that lost as favorites the weak before that remain healthy with a relative competent coaching staff. 2) Always be cognizant if those bounce back are coming against division rivals, typically if they are playing out of conference on the bounce back tip is stronger. 2) Ride the best teams in the prevailing divisions, they are obvious and reveal themselves early and often. 3) Always Lock terrible teams, not the worst not the O fers but the so-so barely below 500 teams, take them as soon as they are eliminated technically, or mathematically from the play-offs. As said earlier, pressure is everything and these dogged day pro's will shine once it's off. And to further that point, take an eliminated team against a fringe team on the other side. More often than not, if you bet volume, which is counter intuitive and stick to the paradigm, you'll better the odds in your favor respecting the notion of coming out on top. And this is why people can’t bet football. Obsess the favorites as they emerge and ride them religiously (this year Packers, obvious) as long as the spread stays under 20 however pay attention to the fringe teams on the downside, that did just enough to eliminate themselves, once the pressure is off, look out, that's the NFL and u gotta, holla :) Anyojhne favored by more than 20 + points in the NFL will lose will pay much more than they cover. Question: How much different is this than Wall St? Hmmmmmmmm And Tom Brady, thank u, my day was made when #85 Ocho hauled in a 50 yarder, his first TD of the season! I continue to believe he will be instrumental for us in a big way come playoff time when it really, really counts, Happy Sunday Gorilla’s, long life the United States of America, the NFL. Summer crush and the YG foundation PS: Gambling is a waste of your precious earth time. It only ever pay's off if you r the house which as my reader, you r not. Safety tip #103. CP

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